Club Sports Council


The Sport Clubs Council aids and advises the club representatives in administering the Sport Clubs Program. It exists to promote participation in the Sport Clubs Program and has as its primary objective to provide a medium for the exchange of information regarding the Sport Clubs guidelines and procedures.

Each Individual SPORT CLUB shall elect an officer to attend periodic Sport Clubs Council meetings and report back to the club. Others may attend as guests, but shall not have voting rights.

Sport Clubs Executive Council Structure

(1) Name: Sport Clubs Executive Council

(2) Charge:

(a) to recommend and monitor the CSA Recreational allocation of funds and resources for the maintenance of the Sport Clubs, including a non-allocated emergency fund based on 10% of the total Sport Clubs budget.

(b) To review applications for clubs desiring Sport Clubs Status and to determine appropriate status for each club completing the application process.

(c) To serve as an appeal board and rule on club appeals regarding decisions made by the Sport Clubs Executives and the Sport Clubs Director.

(d) To review each club’s adjusted budget request, and to make recommendations for allocation amounts.

(e) To formulate and enforce procedures which facilitate the development of the Sport Clubs Program.

(f) To make recommendations, offer advice, and assist in the decision-making process in other matters when requested to do so by the Sport Clubs Director.

(3) Membership:

Council Executives:
Safety Coordinator
Marketing/Publications Officer

The Club Sports Executives will also assist the Club Sports Director in the following ways:

-Administrative assistance and guidance.
-Budget preparation assistance.
-Assistance and supervision with finances.
-Field and facility reservations assistance.
-Equipment storage, checkout, and purchase.
-Assistance with transportation arrangements – limited basis.
-Consultation on publicity and promotion.
-Administrative record keeping.

Council Representatives from each club

-The Sport Clubs Executives and club representatives will serve on the council.
-Executive Council will serve as Co-Chairs for all regular meetings.
-The Secretary will serve as recorder for all meetings.
-Any Carleton club officer who is an active member of a Returning Sport Clubs may apply for a position on the Sport Clubs Executive Council.
-Only one member per club may serve on the Sport Clubs Council.

(4) Quorum:

A quorum is set at 8 members.

(5) Meetings:

The Sport Clubs Council shall meet as necessary throughout the course of the academic school year. Any Sport Club can petition the Sport Clubs Executives to convene a meeting of the Sport Clubs Council.

Executive Council Responsibilities

Chair/Co Chair: set meeting agenda items with Club Sports Director, responsible for conducting bi/weekly council meetings, responsible for sanctions against clubs who commit minor and major infractions affecting the organization of Club Sports and draft any email recommendations to club officers and ad-ministrators as needed and based on the input from the executive council.

Secretary: record the minutes of each meeting and post these on the Club Sports web site. Responsible for informing the council of previous business and decisions made concerning the management of clubs. Lead email conversations relating to topics discussed at previous meeting or upcoming meetings as need-ed. Help the Club Sports Director to review policies based on decisions ratified by the Club Sports council.

Safety Manager: Lead clubs in hazing/alcohol awareness training, be general contact for hazing/alcohol/safety issues, work with Rec student EMT’s to ensure proper safety for all club teams at practice and games, help organize concussion education sessions and hold discussion on disciplinarian contract in indi-vidual club sports constitutions at is relates to unsafe behavior.

Budget Manager: heading the council allocation meeting in Spring term, keeping track and budgeting the executive council’s emergency funds, being a liason to clubs in explaining the additional funding request process and being available to assist with clubs during the budget process.

Marketing/Publications Officer: responsible for collecting schedules and results from Club Sports assis-tant and ensuring that the Carletonian has this information for publication. responsible for reviewing indi-vidual club web sites to stay current with season schedules and results and taking the initiative to publi-cize club sport events on campus.