Funding of club activities has become primarily the responsibility of Club Sports members. For a club to develop and thrive, the members must be active and willing to work. Clubs are encouraged to take advantage of every available option and avenue of assistance.

Some suggested methods of generating funds include auctions, bake sales, car washes, candy sales, dances, films, garage sales, selling T-shirts, spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts, rent-a- student services, exhibitions, tournaments, game programs, walk-a-thons, and swim-a-thons. All of these require some degree of planning and coordination to ensure positive results.

It must be noted that any on campus alcohol related functions can not be used as a fundraiser.


  • Center the fundraising activity on some specific event or goal.
  • Choose a fund drive chair from the club to direct and coordinate the effort.
  • Assign specific tasks to committees.
  • Allow enough time for planning and advertisement.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts with other major campus or community events.
  • Ensure that the event is well publicized.
  • Reserve necessary facilities well in advance.
  • Inform appropriate authorities and get approval when necessary.
  • Keep accurate records of all moneys received and spent.


    All fundraisers must be registered with the Club Sports Executive Council and/or Club Sports Director.


    In order for a club to accept donations, clubs must insure that they receive gifts according to the donor’s specification. In order for the donor to receive a tax receipt, the club must have the do- nor’s name, address, and what the donation is specifically for. In addition, the donation must be a minimum of $25.00. Donations may also be made online through the Carleton Athletic Initia- tive. If making a donation through the website, it is important to be specific as to whom the do- nation is intended. Questions about donations should be directed to the Club Sports Director.


Sponsorship Protocol:

Sponsorship requests should be treated separately from other fundraising activities.

Approval would be contingent on the approval of the Dean of Students, Development Office, and the Director of Club Sports (signatures required on sponsorship form).


No solicitation of businesses in the city of Northfield.
No solicitation of personnel on Carleton Campus or the community of Northfield.
No solicitation of businesses that sell, distribute, or promote the sale of alcohol
or tobacco.
No solicitation of sponsorship that would be detrimental to the image of
Carleton College. This determination would be made by the Dean of Students Office.

***Clubs would be required to complete a Sponsorship Proposal Form.

Failure to follow the sponsorship guidelines would result in disciplinary action e.g., freezing of all funds, loss of active Club Sports status, loss of CSA funding, loss of PE credit privilege, etc. These are some of the actions that could be taken if an infraction were to occur.


In an effort to enhance the visibility of the program, justify the allocation of our CSA funding, and to build a stronger connection with the Northfield Community, club teams are encouraged to establish a community service project once a year to build team unity and give something back to the local community in which we live. At this time this project is not mandatory, but “highly” recommended and can have a potential impact on your allocated funds from year to year. Clubs who complete a community service project should fill out the Community Service Report which can be found on the Club Sports website under “Officer Forms”.

Once completed, this form should be turned into the Club Sports Director. If you have any questions about this initiative please contact the Club Sports Director for more information.