Sports Club Organization and Management


The key to successful Club Sports lies in the degree of student leadership and participation. Students with- in each Club Sport are responsible for the internal administration of their club to include decision making in such areas as finances, competition, schedules, equipment, facilities, membership, practices, and safety. The ability of a Club Sport to communicate with its members and to delegate/follow through with responsibilities will ensure the Club Sport’s smooth operation and stability over time.

  • ⇒  Carleton College Club Sports and their individual members are fully responsible for abiding by local, provincial, and federal laws, as well as college regulations in all activities.
  • ⇒  Each Club Sport must annually resubmit for renewal of affiliation with the Club Sports Program.
  • ⇒  Each Club Sport must have a submitted a Team Roster on file in the Club Sports Office. The Fall Membership List must be submitted by September 25 or before the first scheduled competition date, whichever comes first. The membership lists must be updated as members are added or deleted. Winter and Spring submission dates can be found on pg. 3.
  • ⇒  Each Club Sport is responsible for completing and submitting all the listed requirements on page 3 of this manual and any additional requirements as assigned by the Club Sports Director during the school year.
  • ⇒  Each club is responsible for ensuring that they have one (1) representative at Club Sports “All CLUB” Meetings. (Club will be in jeopardy of having club’s funding “frozen” and being fined $50.00 for each Club Sports Meeting missed).


    First Year Conditional Status:

    New Club Sports must spend one year on probation to demonstrate stability in terms of attracting campus- wide participation on an annual basis. Club Sports in their first year will be self-supporting.

    Returning Clubs:

    Each Club Sport must annually submit for renewal with the Club Sports Executive Council. This includes submission of a list of current Club Officers, the current Membership Lists (aka roster), and the current Captain’s/ President’s Agreement.


    Club Sports on probation may not be able to utilize college allocated funding during this period. Probation could also affect requests for the following years funding and facility requests may be cancelled during this period of time. All privileges may be restored at the termination of the probation.


    If any Club Sport begins to show steady decrease in participation, student leadership, and general interest, the Club Sports Executive Council will investigate the decline to ascertain the possible causes and whether the problem is a temporary condition. If it is determined that a Club Sport is no longer meeting the needs for acceptance, as a Club Sport, termination of the current status may be appropriate. Once terminated a Club Sport must re-enter the program by following the procedures for forming a new club.


Responsibilities of the Captain/President:

  • Serving as a liaison between the club and the P.E.A.R. Department, with the contact being the Club Sports Director.
  • Informing club officers and club members of all information and complying with the content of the Club Sports Handbook.
  • The captain will sign a form stating that he/she has read the Handbook and will comply with all the rules and regulations stated within.
  • Holding regular elections of officers as stipulated in the club constitution.
  • Informing the next club captain of the routine guidelines for club operation prior to the

    next president assuming office. This would include transferring this Handbook to the new captain and arranging a meeting between the new president and the Club Sports Director.

  • Meeting financial obligations incurred as a club.
  • Submitting a report at the end of the term/year summarizing club activities.
  • Completing the Accident/Incident Report form for any accidents/incidents requiring

    some form of medical attention that occurs during on-campus/off-campus practice, competition, informal recreation, or instruction. These reports should be submitted to the Club Sports Director via the web within 24hrs of the occurrence.

  • Reporting the results of all club associated competitions to the Club Sports Director.
  • Appoint a qualified individual to be in charge of checking on the equipment for safety

    and inventory purposes. Inventory Reports must be submitted to the Club Sports Director on an annual basis.

    **NOTE: The Club Sports Captain may appoint a liaison representative, but for successful communication, it is advisable to have the president as the link between the club and the Club Sports Director/P.E.A.R. Department.

    Responsibilities of the Vice-Captain:

    • Presiding over meetings and business in the Captain’s absence.
    • Assisting the Captain with his/her duties. Responsibilities of the Secretary:
    • Recording and circulating minutes of all meetings.
    • Maintaining updated membership lists.
    • Submitting to the Club Sports Director an updated membership list.
    • Developing and circulating publicity regarding club activities as approved by the Club

      Sports Director.

Responsibilities of the Treasurer:

  • Preparing with the club captain the annual budget request.
  • Maintaining all appropriate records of your financial activity.
  • Submitting payment requests.
  • Aiding in fund raising activities.
  • Submit all requests for individual reimbursements to the Club Sports Director

    Responsibilities of the Equipment Manager:

    • Submitting an equipment inventory annually (end of Spring Term) to the Club Sports Director.
    • Obtaining club equipment for club functions through the P.E.A.R. Department.
    • Ensuring that all club equipment is stored appropriately at the Rec. Center, West Gym, Stadium, and Cowling.

      Responsibility of the Safety Officer. (Teams who travel/compete in Club Sport events/matches)

  • Maintain a first aid kit, stocked sufficiently with supplies, and said kit will be on hand at every club practice and competition.
  • Restock first aid supplies as they are depleted.
  • Certified in Standard First Aid and CPR for adults
  • Will be at every club practice and competition.


Whenever possible, Club Sport instructors and coaches should be Carleton students, staff, or faculty.

Any Club Sport wishing to use an instructor or coach not affiliated with Carleton must submit a writ- ten request to the Club Sports Director on a yearly basis. The request must include the prospective instructors’ qualifications, experience, and certifications. Club Sport instructors/coaches are required to fill out a yearly INSTRUCTOR/COACH agreement form that can be found online at:

In addition, instructors and coaches (outside Carleton) are strongly encouraged to have their own personal liability insurance, as the college only covers claims for those who are injured on the job who are currently employed by the college. A request for a Certificate of Liability will be required for out- side instructors/coaches providing a service to the college as well as a one time background check for all individuals who will be working with our students.

The selection of instructors and/or coaches is the responsibility of the club, but is subject to the approval of the Club Sports Director.

The instructor and/or coach must restrict their involvement with club to teaching and coaching in practice and may not participate in any area of competition as part of the club. Instructors and Coaches may not be involved in club administrative or decision making related business. The
student representative will act as the liaison between the club and the P.E.A.R. Department. Questions as to the coaches or instructors involvement in the Club Sports business should be presented to the Club Sports Executive Council.

The Carleton College Club Sport coaches or instructors are fully responsible for abiding by the local, State, and federal laws, as well as the college regulations in all Club Sport activities.


CLUB SPORT members are eligible to receive all 4 of their PE credits by participating in a Club Sport.

Requirements of PE credit clubs
Must submit request to receive PE Credit Form yearly (in term prior to credit being offered) Must have an instructional component
Must regularly meet 3 times per week (recommended min. of 18 times per term)
Minimum of 10 student participants

***0 credit clubs can petition to receive PE credit once 2 years of above requirements met ***Clubs must choose 1 term to offer credit each academic year (Fall, Winter, or Spring)

***During off season terms, all clubs must uphold policies and paperwork as required by the Club Sport Office

4 credit clubs:
Badminton, Competitive Dance, CUT, Cycling, Eclipse, GOP, Ice Hockey (Men’s and Women’s), Lacrosse (Men’s and Women’s), Nordic Ski, Rugby (Men’s and Women’s), Sailing, Synchro Swim, Syzygy, Tennis, Men’s Volleyball, and Water polo.

0 credit clubs:
Alpine Ski, Equestrian, Table Tennis.

The following clubs work in conjunction with the affiliated PE class and can serve as MAKE-UP classes if chosen so by the PE Instructor: Aikido, Karate, Tae Kwon Do

Only one credit may be earned each academic year. This means an individual cannot claim a Fall and Spring season sport as two credits within the same year.

Club members may not claim a Club Sport PE credit in the same term they are also enrolled in a PE class.

Club members are responsible for informing captains that they are eligible for PE credit.

Individual club members are responsible for registering for their club at the same time as they register for their term classes. This can be done online or via Drop/Add cards at the beginning of the term.

**Those who wish to receive credit must properly register. Going back to retro- actively request credit from a previous term is not an option.

**Captains will receive a class roster list that must record all practices attended (minimum of 16) to earn the PE credit. The roster must be signed by the captain at the end of the term and indicate which students meet the minimum requirements of attendance. The roster should be sent to the Club Sports Director at the Recreation Center by the due date listed on page 3.