Clubs seeking competitive opportunities outside of Northfield must adhere to the following guidelines to insure a safe trip and reimbursement for travel expenses.

· Drivers of personal vehicles must fill in the REGISTRATION OF PERSONAL VEHICLE form and have the form on file in the Sport Clubs Director office.

· Clubs must fill in a van usage registration form from Campus Services and obtain the Sport Clubs Director signature before Campus Services will authorize the reservation of a college vehicle.

· Submit pre-trip and post trip forms to the Sport Clubs Director via the Sport Clubs web site.  Pre-trip forms must be submitted least 5 days prior to travel; post-trip forms must be sent in within two business days after returning.

· To obtain travel reimbursement the treasurer must submit receipts reimbursement (check request) form to the Sport Clubs Director. If possible, use the Sport Club purchasing card for purchases prior to departure. Set up a time to meet with the Sport Clubs Director for assistance.

· For trips that involve traveling outside of Northfield, travel rosters with passenger names and emergency contact phone contact and trip itineraries must be filed with the Sport Clubs Director via the pre-trip form.

· Cell phones are required equipment for all groups travelling out of town.  The driver must not operate a cell phone while the vehicle is in motion.

· Contact the Sport Clubs Director if you are having difficulty deciding if inclement weather should change your travel plans.  If the club suffers financial penalties for not attending the competition the Sport Club Council may assist the club financially depending on the situation.

· Sport Clubs are encouraged to use Carleton College vehicles whenever possible.  If private vehicles are used the club may reimburse the driver 14¢ a mile for vehicle expenses.

· Students driving college  or rental agency vehicles must obtain Campus Services driver certification first.  College vehicles are charged to the individual club account for mileage.  Check with Campus Services on the mileage rate for the vehicle you are driving.  Record miles on the vehicle log.

· Sport Clubs are not permitted to travel via 12 or 15 passenger vans

· Campus Services, is located in the basement of Sayles Hill, and keeps a list of approved drivers and authorizes college car use.  Contact x4443

· Travel Guidelines for Long Distance Trips

· Drivers should be well rested before embarking on a long distance trip.

· A maximum of 16 hours or 800 miles of continuous travel, followed by a layover of 8 hours is required. 

· All night driving should be avoided whenever possible.

· Limit driving shifts to four hours per driver with a 10-15 minute break between each two-hour block.

· Each four-hour driving shift must be followed by one rest period of a least one hour.

· During all driving shifts, a passenger must be awake and seated in the passenger seat next to the driver to insure the driver remains alert.