Facilities and Hours of Operation

Spring Term

Recreation Center - x4487

Monday–Thursday 6:30am–11pm
Friday                 6:30am–10pm
Saturday                   8am–8pm
Sunday                  10am–11pm

The Wall & Bouldering
Monday–Thursday 4:30–9:30pm
Friday                       11am-Noon
Friday                          4-7pm
Saturday & Sunday       2-5pm

Cowling – x4431

Monday–Thursday 7:30am–11pm
Friday                       9am–9pm
Saturday                 10am–8pm
Sunday                      12–11pm

Cowling Pool
Monday–Thursday      7:30–9am
Thursday            12:30–1:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday     4:30–6pm
Monday–Thursday    8:30–10pm
Saturday/Sunday           3–5pm

Stadium – x4050

Monday–Friday          9am–8pm
Saturday                   CLOSED
Sunday                   11am–8pm

West Gym – x4159

Monday–Thursday 11am–11pm
Friday                   11am–8pm
Saturday               Noon–6pm
Sunday                   12-11pm

West Pool
Monday/Wednesday 12:30–1:30pm & 4:30-6pm
Friday        Noon-1pm & 4:30-6pm
Sunday                   4:30-6pm


Use this link to view daily schedules of Cowling Gym, Cowling Studio, and Rec Dance Studio.


For Rec Center Fieldhouse courts, call the Rec Front desk (x4487) for daily schedule, and same day reservations.
Contact Aaron Chaput for reservations up to a week in advance, that are not same day, at achaput@carelton.edu