Multi-Use Room: Aerobics/Dance/Martial Arts

Aerobic/Dance Studio 

The aerobics studio is frequently used for classes in areas such as aerobics, yoga, martial arts, and dance. The studio can also be used for individual practice. The guidelines for reserving the studio are as follows:

  1. The multi purpose classroom is available for open recreation except for regularly scheduled classes.
  2. Use of the facility is limited to aerobic dance, step aerobics, dance practices (social, folk, jazz, modern, ballet, interpretive), first aid/CPR sessions, spinning classes, martial arts, fencing, and other appropriate fitness activities.
  3. The multi-purpose space can be booked at the front counter 48 hours in advance or by phone.
  4. Individuals conducting themselves in an anti-social manner will be asked to leave the building.
  5. Beverages and food (unless in a specific event) are not allowed on the classroom floor. Under no circumstances are glass containers allowed in the recreation center.
  6. Appropriate dance shoes or court shoes are required in the multi-purpose classroom. No street shoes, boots, sandals and marking footwear are allowed when taking part in a physical activity or program.
  7. Access to the stereo equipment must be granted from the front desk.
  8. Use of tables and chairs in the multi-purpose room is restricted to special events