IM Handbook: Conduct and Disqualification

The intramural program is designed to give everyone an opportunity for a fun, recreational experience in athletics. Poor sporting conduct in any form is inconsistent with this aim and will not be tolerated. The following are displays of poor sporting conduct:

  1. the use of excessive profanity.
  2. derogatory, abusive or threatening remarks toward an official or an opponent..
  3. any illegal intentional physical contact or attempted physical contact with an opponent or official.

Alcohol is prohibited at all Intramural competion and practice fields and facilities. Possession of alcohol by the team or individual during an intramural contest will result in automatic disqualification of the team from the league. There is no appeal from this decision and it can be delivered either by the IM Coordinator or Recreation Director.

A field Supervisor, official, the Sport Czar, or the Coordinator may eject a player from contest for unsporting conduct. The game will be forfeited if, after the official notifies the team captain, the ejected player refuses to leave the game area.

A player ejected from a game is suspended for the remainder of the season, although he or she may see the Coordinator to request to be reinstated.

The Coordinator, in collaboration with the Sport Czar, may take further action on any rules violation, including permanently suspending a participant from the Carleton Intramural Program.

Team names must be fit to for prominent display on campus.