IM Handbook: Eligibility

Currently enrolled/employed Carleton students, faculty, and staff are eligible to compete in the Carleton Intramural Sports Program unless they have been ejected from a contest for disciplinary reasons and have not been reinstated by the coordinator.

Specific sports may have rules concerning the participation of intercollegiate athletes, and concerning the inclusion of women or men. To be categorized as an intercollegiate player, a person must only have participated in one IC contest during the season preceding the intramural season. In some sports, JV players may be classified as having IC status and limited accordingly.

Team captains are responsible for ensuring that all players on both teams are eligible, and for reporting ineligibility to officials and to the program administration.

Teams that compete with ineligible players may have all games played with ineligible players retroactively forfeited.

The Coordinator of Intramurals, in collaboration with the czar of the particular sport, reserves the right to make eligibility decisions not specifically covered herein.