IM Handbook: Forfeits and Forfeit Deposits

Each team must submit a refundable $20 forfeit deposit via campus mail or in person to Mikki Showers, Recreation Center. Make the check payable to Carleton College. (Checks are NOT cashed unless a team forfeits twice. The check-writer will be notified before any check is cashed. Otherwise the checks will be torn up at the end of the term - they will not be returned.

This deposit is the captain's responsibility, and is due at the meeting at the beginning of each term. To avoid unnecessary financial risk, possible hard feelings, alienation and severe stress, captains are encouraged to collect a portion of the fee from each member of the team. However, please make out only one check.

This deposit will be destroyed after a forfeit-free season. Teams that forfeit two games lose their deposit but remain eligible for the remainder of the season and the post-season tournament.

Teams forfeiting a third game will be expelled from the league and will not be eligible for the post-season tournament.

Teams that cannot field a team for a scheduled game must call both the opposing captain to cancel the match and the czar. If the other team and the Czar have been notified the night before the match, a loss will be recorded, not a forfeit. If a team doesn't have enough eligible players but can pick up extras to play the game a loss will be recorded, not a forfeit.

Any team that repeatedly takes advantage of this forfeit rule will surrender its deposit. Remember, the idea is to get people out to play.

It is the responsibility of team captains to distribute schedules to their teams and to have their teams at each scheduled contest . . . on time!

Captains must report scores to Czars within 24 hours or a forfeit will be recorded.