IM Handbook: Student Staff

Team Captains

  1. Collect and submit forfeit deposits and entry roster materials.
  2. Attend Captains' meeting league rules will be discussed.
  3. Receive league schedule from Sport Czar and distribute team schedules to players.
  4. Know general and league rules and procedures.
  5. Make sure that only players listed on the roster compete for the opposing team.
  6. Report game outcomes to Sport Czar on the day the game is played.
  7. Ensure that all players participate, and in a sporting manner.
  8. Keep team informed and organized and prevent forfeits.
  9. Attend all contests in which his/her team is competing. If this is not possible, he/she must appoint an alternate to assume all the responsibilities of captain for that contest.

Field and Court Supervisors

  1. Attend pre-season organizational meeting.
  2. Are responsible for equipment. Equipment should be out in time for teams to warm up, and be returned to storage or turned over to next official immediately following the game.
  3. Are will versed in general and league rules and procedures.
  4. Ensure that games begin and end on time.
  5. Hold league book containing rosters and rule on captains' charges of ineligibility.
  6. Keep track of game outcomes and relay them to the Sport Czar.

Sports Czars

  1. Schedule and train officials and supervisors.
  2. Participate in an extensive publicity campaign which includes:
    • writing a brief, informational discussion of the sport, its different leagues and how to sign up.
    • running an advertisement for the sport in the NNB from the beginning of the term until the captains' meeting.
  3. Hold organizational sign-up meeting for captains.
  4. Conduct a rules/refereeing clinic for game officials and field supervisors on rules, procedures, expectations and scheduling.
  5. Construct league schedule and compile team rosters.
  6. Take responsibility for equipment management.
  7. Keep league records. This includes posting weekly standings, notifying captains of cancelled games and enforcing the forfeit policy.
  8. Write a short article for The Carletonian each week during the term on league happenings and anecdotes.
  9. Directly supervise the performance of game officials and field supervisors, including regular visits to the game site.
  10. Organize post-season tournament.
  11. Work closely with the Coordinator.
  12. Submit a short, written report to the Coordinator detailing participation and offering suggestions for improvement within one week of the end of the season.
  13. Keep timesheet up to date weekly throughout the term.

Game Officials

  1. Attend pre-season organizational and officiating meetings.
  2. Are extremely well-versed in general and league rules.
  3. Are responsible for equipment. Equipment should be out in time for teams to warm up, and be returned to storage or turned over to next official immediately following the game.
  4. Hold league book and rule on captains' charges of ineligibility.
  5. Officiate games. This means they are responsible for showing up at all games to which they have been assigned... on time!
  6. Record game outcomes and relay them to the Sport Czar.
  7. Report blatant unsporting conduct to the Coordinator.

Seasonal Coordinator

  1. Assist the Coordinator in the administration of any and all aspects of the IM sports programs in a given term.

Coordinator of Recreation and Intramurals

  1. Governs the Carleton Intramural Sports Program. The coordinator works closely with the Athletic Director and each Sport Czar, and is available to all students to discuss any aspect of the Intramural Program.
  2. Hires and supervises student workers, including czars and officials.
  3. Administers the program, encourages participation, and has the power to change league rules (usually in consultation with all captains and the Czar) as well as general rules after consultation with the Athletic Director.
  4. Maintains the right to rule on any case not directly covered in general or league rules.
  5. Manages extensive publicity campaign.
  6. Creates special mailings and sends them to faculty, staff and Residential Assistants encouraging participation.
  7. Schedules facility usage for the term.
  8. Organizes special one-time events.


Field Supervisors, Game Officials, Sport Czars and Seasonal Coordinators are work-study jobs available for the school year. The intramural sports program requires dedicated and creative workers. If you are interested in any of the student positions, or if you just want to share ideas, contact any Sport Czar, or Mikki Showers (4481), the IM Coordinator.