IM Handbook: Leagues and Teams

Each sport has its own set of rules, which must conform to the general rules. In cases of conflict, the Coordinator will make a ruling as to which rules are to be followed.

To enter a league, a team must submit a roster with the names of all the players by the publicized date. To be eligible to play, a player must be listed on the team roster. This rule will be strictly enforced in the post-season tournament in all leagues.

Each sport may adopt rules to limit the number of teams a person may play on in that league.

A team may request to be reassigned to a different competitive class; however, no reassignment will take place after the last day of the regular season.

The Sport Czar may, with the consent of the Coordinator, reassign teams to different competitive classes at any time preceding the end of the regular season.

A team may add names to the roster only before the published date (usually three weeks after the captains' meeting). After this date, team rosters will be considered final and complete.