IM Basketball (5 on 5) Rules

Defining the Leagues:

This is the official breakdown of leagues, however, actual league makeup will change from year to year based on the quality of teams, etc. The final word on which league a team will play in will be made by the czars and Mikki Showers to maintain a good level of competition.

Division I

For the serious player. Ex-Varsity players and J.V. men (current or former, based on prior season) may play in this division, though no more than two may be on the court at a time for each team.

Division II

Overall skill level probably less than Division I although some players may be in both divisions. A Division II team may not have more than two Division I players on the court at one time. J.V. women may play in this league, though no more than two may be on the court at a time for each team. Ex-Varsity players and J.V. men may not play in this division.

Division III

This league is traditionally for floor teams and friendship teams. No Division I player may play Division III, and only two Division II players may be on the court for a Division III team at one time. Each team must have at least one woman and one man on the court at all times. When a Division III team cannot field a woman/man, they will compete minus the appropriate number of players. If attendance is continually a problem, the team may be issued an official forfeit.


  • Players may play on a total of two teams; however, these teams must be in different divisions. No Varsity player is eligible for these leagues and they may not enter the leagues after their season is finished. JV players may not join a team after mid season or play in the playoffs without having participated in a reasonable number of games (as defined by Coordinator and Czars). The league Czar and the I.M. Coordinator may determine a player's eligibility for a division based on skill level when a question arises. A "stacked" team may be asked to move up a division in the interest of fairness.

Game Time:

A game consists of 5 minutes of warm-up, a 20-minute running time first half, a 5 minute half-time, and a 20-minute second half where the last two minutes are stop time.


All games will be officiated by two referees. A third official will be running the clock and keeping score.

Free Throws:

Free throws will follow normal rules, with the one and one bonus being implemented on the opposing team's seventh foul in a half, a double bonus will be awarded on the tenth foul.


Team fouls will be recorded on the sideline. On the seventh foul, the bonus begins.


Substitutes may enter the game only on a dead ball, and should check in with the scorekeeper. Substituting on the fly is a technical foul and will not be tolerated.

Out Of Bounds:

Out of bounds is set by the designated lines around the court. Also included is the top of each backboard, and the entire backboard in the middle of the court.


Captains should encourage their teams to wear color coordinated shirts. When this is not possible, pinnies will be made available. Dark or white shirts are also allowed provided that each team wears dark and one white. Encourage players to bring a dark colored shirt and a white one to the gym.


Each team has two 45-second time-outs per game. One timeout will be allowed in the occurrence of overtime (This is NOT in addition to prior two). A technical foul will result if a team calls a time out, which they do not have.

Backcourt Violations:

Due to the size of the courts, the rules are slightly different. Once the offense crosses the second line of the key on the middle court, a violation will be called if the ball passes back across the first line.

Jump Balls:

The game begins with a jump ball. After that, teams will alternate possessions on tied balls. A referee will keep track of this.


If the game is tied at the end of regulation, a 3 minute, stop-time overtime will be added. In the regular season: if the score is still tied at the end of overtime the game will end a tie. In the playoffs: the process will continue until one team wins.


A technical foul will result in a two-shot free throw and possession of the ball. Referees have been advised to award technicals to players who talk back to the refs, and to players who, in the opinion of the referee, are out of control. A player who receives two technicals in the same game will be asked to leave the gym. If he/she does not, the game will be declared a forfeit and that player's team will take the loss. Players who repeatedly show a lack of respect for the officials and/or the rules will lose eligibility. All technical fouls as a result of poor sportsmanship will be reviewed by the Sportsmanship Committee.

Forfeit Deposit:

The $20 deposit that all teams have paid will be refunded if a team does not forfeit any games. If a Captain does not think that her/his team will be able to play, it is her/his responsibility to see that the opposing Captain, the referees, and the Czar are notified at least 2-3 hours before game time. If notice is given to all involved, the forfeit fee will not be jeopardized. Forfeits will result in the cashing of the deposit check. After the third forfeit, a team will be removed from the league.


Games will start at the scheduled time. Please be there in advance so that you can warm-up and wear clean indoor court shoes. A team may begin play with a minimum of four players. There are no shot clocks in 5-on-5 basketball.

This shouldn't need to be stated, but apparently it does:


Sportsmanship Committee:

A Sportsmanship Committee will be assembled to discuss any issues of unfair or unsportsmanlike conduct throughout the duration of the season. The committee will consist of the Recreation Director, IM Basketball Czars, Head Official and a representative from each division. The division representatives will be chosen from the captains within the respective division. No captain will be asked to sit on the committee for more than one meeting, but all captains should be prepared to do so once.

Questions? Contact:

IM Director Mikki Showers, 4481