IM Broomball Rules


  • Games will start every hour on the hour. The games shall consist of two equal halves (25 minutes), with a stoppage to switch ends between the halves. There are no time-outs.
  • To begin play at the beginning of each game and after each goal, the ball will be placed at the center of the ice rink. One player from each team shall take the face off. Play begins after three touches of the centers' brooms.

League Organization

  • Softcore and Midcore teams will be organized into round robin pools of play.
  • Each pool will play a minimum of 8 games.

Championship Playoffs

The top four teams from each pool of league games will go into the championship finals. This will be organized into a single elimination tournament.


  • All players are REQUIRED to wear helmets while on the ice. Failure to wear a helmet will result in the forfeit of that game. If a team forfeits more than 2 games then they will be removed from the league.
  • Any type of shoe may be used during regular season play. During the tournament, however, no special broomball shoes will be allowed.
  • Any player without a broom (excluding the goalie) may not participate in the game. A broken broom should be removed from the rink immediately.


  • The rink is essential for anyone to play. Therefore DO NOT PLAY ON THE ICE IF THERE IS SNOW ON IT. Either take the time to completely remove the show, including the edges of the boards or cancel the game and notify the coordinators.
  • The Carleton broomball equipment is also required for play. It is the responsibility of every participant to help keep it around. All captains are required to make sure that equipment is returned to the warming house if no team arrives to play after their game.
  • Should teams disregard these rules and either play on accumulated snow or leave their equipment lying outside following games, the incident shall be treated as a forfeit for both teams: warning on first offense, loss of deposit on second offense, ejection from IM play on third offense.

IM Monitors

  • There will be an IM staff person at each game to monitor play. Their role is to provide assistance with equipment, ensure players are wearing helmets, help with rule interpretation, and call dangerous play if both sides fail to do so. The monitors will cancel games if temperatures drop below minus-20 degrees.
  • Each monitor will have a first aid pack for basic first aid and will assist in contacting security if the injury needs further attention.


  • A team shall have no more than seven players on the ice at any given time. One and only one player will be designated the goalie.
  • Each sex must be represented at all times by at least two players. If playing with five players, each sex must be represented by at least one player on each team.
  • Substitutions may be made at any time. The player exiting must leave the ice before his/her substitute can enter.


  • The ball may not be played with the stick if above waist level.
  • The ball may be stopped and controlled with the body, but not intentionally kick-passed or hand-passed to another teammate. It is legal for the goalie to pass the ball sideways, but throwing it up the rink is illegal.
  • No player shall interfere with an opponent's broom for the purpose of keeping it from the possession of an opponent.
  • Intentional throwing of a broom is verboten, as well as being grounds for immediate disqualification.
  • It is the responsibility of all players to be aware of these offenses and to make the call when they occur.
  • When one of these offenses is committed, the ball is given to the opposing team at the place of the incident, with no member of the violating team within 5 stick lengths. Should the offending team protest a call, a face off shall be held at the place of the incident.

Goals and Goalkeeping:

  • Each goal will have in front of it a semicircular crease area, extending beyond the sides of the goal.
  • When the ball is not in the crease, no offensive player is allowed in the crease (one other defensive player other than the goalie is allowed inside the crease). When the ball enters the crease, however (either by the offensive player dribbling the ball in, by a pass, or by a rebound off a shot) an offensive player is allowed to be in the crease. Also, if the goalie puts the ball down, the ball is considered live, and offensive players may attack it, even if the ball is in the crease.
  • A score will be disqualified if the ball is kicked, thrown, or directed into the goal by an attacking player by any means other than contact with a broom, or if there are any members of the attacking team in the crease.

Rules of Conduct:

  • No intentional contact is permitted.
  • No slide tackling (hard knee pads may not be worn outside of clothing).
  • No holding of an opponent or an opponent's broom is permitted, by hand, leg, broom, or otherwise.
  • A player may guard an opponent without the ball by standing in front of that player. However, it is illegal to push or hold the player.
  • A player being blocked may not intentionally push, kick, or throw and opponent out of the way, but must instead go around that player.

Broomball, Helmets & You!

All broomball participants are REQUIRED to wear the helmets provided when playing.

The primary reason for wearing the helmets is to prevent concussions.

The use of helmets does not mean: that you are free from the risk of concussions nor that rough play will be tolerated.

Other considerations include: The prevention of frostbite. Helmets are somewhat adjustable and stocking hats can be worn under or over them.


Contact: Mikki Showers, IM Coordinator x4481