IM Disc Golf Rules

  1. Teeing off and order of play: Teeing order on the first teeing area is determined by the order in which the scorecards were filled out or by the order the players were listed or arranged. Teeing order on all subsequent tees is determined by the scores on the previous hole, with the lowest score throwing first. After all the players in the group have teed off, the player farthest from the hole (the away player) throws first.
  2. A maximum of 30 seconds is allowed to each player to make a throw after a) the previous player has thrown; b) the player has taken a reasonable time to arrive at the disc and mark the lie; c) the playing area is clear and free of distractions.
  3. After each throw, the thrown disc must be left where it came to rest until the lie is established by the placing of a marker.
  4. A player who has thrown from another player's lie shall receive two penalty throws. The offending player shall complete the hole as if the other player's lie were his or her own. No throws shall be replayed.
  5. After each hole is completed, the designated scorekeeper shall record each player's score. Penalty throws given to a player for rules infractions should be noted on the scorecard.