IM 6 vs. 6 Flag Football Rules

Responsibilities of Captains

  • Read and know the rules. Have a team meeting.
  • Control teammates and your spectators.
  • Represent your team at meetings and during games.


  • To be eligible, a player must be a student, faculty or staff member.
  • All eligibility protests must be settled within 24 hrs. after the game or when the protested first enters the game.
  • Play for one team ONLY!
  • NO current intercollegiate football players may play Intramural Flag Football during Fall Semester. **Current intercollegiate players are defined as anyone who is on the official roster for the current academic year. Seniors who have used up their academic eligibility ARE considered current intercollegiate players.
  • All players must play in one regular season game to be eligible for the tournament.
  • Violation of any of the above may mean forfeiture of the game and/or season.


Teams must sign in all possible players 5 minutes before the scheduled game time on the score sheet. This must be given to the Supervisor 5 minutes before game time

Pre-game talk with captains:
(a) Ground rules (b) Captains questions (c) Coin toss for home team

Games will start as quickly as possible, so that the maximum time can be used for the game. If a team is LATE, pre-game practice for that team will be DENIED.

Forfeit time is 5 minutes past the hour. Each team must have at least 4 players to start.


A team consists of six players. A team must have four to start a game. If a team doesn't have 4 players by five minutes after the scheduled starting time, that team will forfeit the contest.

A team can no more than 4 male players on the field at one time.


Flags are provided by the Intramural office. Teams are encouraged to use their own matching jerseys/shirts when ever possible.

Personal balls may be used with the consent of both teams. Otherwise, a ball will be provided by the IM office

Shirts/Jerseys MUST BE TUCKED IN so they do NOT interfere with the flags. No pockets are allowed. Taping or sewing pockets shut will not be allowed. No tear-away pants are allowed. No hoods are allowed and no belt loops are allowed.

No protective equipment or padding may be worn. Metal braces (Knees) must be covered.

NO METAL SPIKES! *Metal tipped spikes may be allowed, but MUST be approved by the Intramural Coordinator before use.


The field will be divided into 4 sectors of 20 yds each (end zones will be 10 yds in length). A first down is awarded when a team advances the ball in four downs or less beyond the next sector (4 downs to advance the ball to the next "line of gain"). The line to gain in any series shall be the original zone ahead of the ball at the beginning of the series.


1. The game consists of 2 halves of 20 minutes each. Halftime is 2 minutes. The start of each half will begin by placing the ball of the fifteen-yard line. There will no kickoffs.

2. Clock: During both halves, the clock runs continuously EXCEPT during time-outs, and for the last two minutes of each half. The clock no longer stops after scoring plays.

3. Clock stops for the following in the last two minutes of each half for:

  1. time-outs
  2. penalties
  3. player goes out-of-bounds
  4. incomplete pass
  5. change of possession
  6. scoring plays

If time expires during a touchdown, the attempt for the extra point will be allowed.

4. Three time-outs per game.

5. Scoring: Touchdown = 6 points
Extra Point (20 yd line) = 3 points
Extra Point (10 yd line) = 2 points
Extra Point (3 yd line) = 1 point
Safety = 2 points

6. Coin Toss: Coin toss winner's options are to "start on offense" or to "start on defense." The other team will then choose which goal they wish to defend.

7. Dead balls * Ball carrier falls to the ground

  • Ball carrier loses flag then 1 hand touch to down the ball carrier.
  • Incomplete pass
  • Ball carrier goes out of bounds
  • Fumble is a dead ball, opponent cannot recover a fumble
  • Snap hits the ground
  • Snap hitting ground in end zone is a safety

8. Offense:

  • Has 25 seconds to put ball in play
  • The ball may be centered either between the legs of the center or to the side. The Center’s shoulders must be parallel with the line of scrimmage
  • Offensive line must be motionless for 1
  • At least 2 players on the line
  • All players are eligible for a pass (with the exception of the QB if he threw the ball)
  • 1 forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage (pass to receiver who is behind the QB and then another pass by receiver who is behind the line of scrimmage is legal)
  • A player may hand the ball off backward from their position at any time. The two players exchanging possession of the ball MUST have simultaneous contact with each other and the ball for the handoff to be legal.
  • Ball is down where ball is when flag is removed
  • Use of hands is prohibited at all times by the offensive line
  • One foot down inside the field of play constitutes a legal pass catch
  • Quarterback must be at least 2 yards behind center
  • Only 1 offensive player may be in motion parallel to the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap
  • Quarterback does NOT have to be rushed in order to run. He/she can run at any time
  • Can dive if contact is not initiated!
  • Flag guarding is illegal. A 10 yard penalty will be assessed.

9. Punts:

  • Punts must be announced, there are no FAKE PUNTS.
  • No movement on the line until after the ball is punted.
  • Once the ball is touched (muffed) the ball is dead.
  • Out of bounds: ball is taken at the spot where the ball goes out of bounds.
  • If the ball hits the ground on the snap, it is dead and the other team gains control at that spot.

10. Safety: After a safety, the ball shall be snapped by the scoring team at their own 15-yard line, unless moved by penalty.

11. Blocking:

  • Any use of the arms, elbow or legs to initiate contact is illegal.
  • Defenders must use a vocal 3-apple count before crossing the line of scrimmage
  • Defense must go around the offensive of players and may not use their hands or arms to go through opponent.

12. Tackling:

  • Tackling is done by pulling the opponents flag.
  • Physical tackling is illegal and ruled as unnecessary roughness. 10 yard penalty
  • If flagrant, the tackler will be disqualified.
  • Illegal contact is also ruled when defense put arms around the runner in order to pull flags
  • If the flags inadvertently fall off a player, the one hand touch method will be used to "de-flag" the runner
  • A defensive player may not remove an offensive player’s belt prior to the receiver touching the ball - Penalty = (10 yds and AFD)
  • Players may not illegally fasten flags to his uniform/body - Penalty = 10 yds - Officials will check belts after every score and PAT
  • If a player attempting a flag removal, trips the ball carrier there is a 10 yard penalty from the spot of the foul

13. Overtime:

  • Begins with a coin toss.
  • Winner has the choice of: either 1st or 2nd series (offense or defense)
  • Loser has choice of: goal (both teams will use the same goal)
  • Each team is given 4 plays to score from the 20-yard line, if they score the extra point is attempted. An interception ends the series. If neither teams scores then the process is repeated until a winner is decided.

14. Mercy Rule: If a team is up by 19 at 2-minute warning, game is over. If a team has a point spread of19 inside the 2-minute warning, game is over.

15. Bleeding: Any player that is bleeding must leave the game immediately. The bleeding must be stopped and the wound securely covered with bandage before that player can continue playing. If there is blood on a T-shirt, they must get a clean shirt before resuming play.

16. Forfeit:

    A forfeit will be called after 5 min. of scheduled start time. Anytime 2 players from a team have been ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct, flagrant foul or fighting; the game will be declared a forfeit for the team. 1st Forfeit: $5 re-entry fee, which must be paid within 24 hours of forfeit. 2nd Forfeit: Team is automatically dropped from league

      17. Ejections: Please see attached sheet on SUSPENSION AND RULES OF CONDUCT and EJECTIONS.

      18. Alcohol: It is the College policy that alcoholic beverages may not be consumed on college property. Please help us enforce this policy with you, your teammates and your spectators. If your team of fans fails to cooperate, it may result in forfeiture of the game and possibly suspended from the IM program. Do not mess it up for everybody. Any player that is kicked out of a game for alcohol suspension will have to see the IM Coordinator.

      19. Rain Dates: If your game is cancelled the CZAR will be in contact with teams for make-up arrangements. Due to inclement weather, games may not be able to be rescheduled.

      20. Player Conduct: Players may NOT commit the following acts Penalty = 10 yards from the end of the play (possible disqualification/suspension may also occur)

      • All unsportsmanlike penalties
      • Intentionally kicking the ball
      • Intentionally kicking at any player
      • Intentionally swinging an arm, elbow, hand or fist at any player
      • Disrespecting any official
      • Using profanity
      • Taunting
      • Intentionally contacting an official
      • Fighting
      • Tripping an opponent
      • Contacting an opponent who is already on the ground
      • Throwing a runner to the ground
      • Clipping
      • Tackling
      • Stripping the ball for a player
      • Roughing the passer
      • Flag guarding
      • Pass interference
      • Holding, grasping or obstructing the forward progress of the ball carrier
      • Screen blocking
      • No contact is allowed! Any use of arms, hands, elbows, legs, knees etc to initiate contact is illegal
      • Pushing a player out of bounds is considered a tackle and will be penalized. The flag must be pulled at all times.

      Questions? Contact:

      Mikki Showers, IM Coordinator x4481