IM Ice Hockey Rules

Team Format:

Four teams of ten players

Regular Season Schedule:
All games will be played on weekdays from 5:00-6:00 on the west bald spot rink. Each team will play twice a week for a total of twelve games during the six week regular season. Refer to schedule for individual games. If the ice is unsuitable for any game, then that game will be cancelled and cannot be rescheduled as part of regular season record, but will be recorded as a tie for both teams. The regular season will also be terminated when the ice becomes unplayable, and the current season records will decide the playoff seeding. No games are decided by forfeiture if at least three people are present from each team.

Playoff Schedule:

Playoffs will be held in the Northfield ice arena in a tournament format. The #1 seed plays the #4 seed and the #2 seed plays the #3 seed in semifinal matches. The winners will advance to the final match. There will be no consolation game.

Determination Of Playoff Seeds:

The seeding will be determined by the regular season record as follows:
Record= (2(#of wins) + 1(#of ties))/total games played.
Ties will be settled by head-to-head record.

Game Rules:

Games are to be played as five on five full ice hockey. If a team has at least three players, then the opposing team must decide to play them three on three (on half the ice) or four on four (on full ice), or may loan the short team extra players to play a full sided regular game.


All games will be played from 5:00-6:00, and regardless of the start time, the final score is determined when the Willis clock tower strikes 6:00.


All goals must be scored on the top-netting of the laid-down hockey goals. A shot that bounces off the post is not a goal unless it careens into the net afterward. No goals may be scored from beyond half ice. Any shot that becomes tangled in the goal or net will be given to the defensive team behind their own goal.

Stick Conduct:

A players stick must stay below their waist, and no slap shots or dangerous clears are allowed. All rules of hockey apply in that there are no cross-checks, high-sticking, tripping, slashing, hooking, or throwing of the stick (refer to opening scene of slap shot for clarification of rules). All shots and passes must remain below the knees.

Body Conduct:
There will be no checking or fighting anywhere on the ice. Any contact near the boards must be careful. No interference or setting of pucks will be allowed.


All players must provide their own skates and sticks. Hockey helmets are provided by Carleton and must be worn at all times during the game. Any additional pads may be worn at the discretion of each player. Remember, intramural hockey is a pickup game. All players should play within safe bounds while respecting others' rights to semi-competitive sport. The lack of game referees makes sportsmanship imperative.

Questions? Contact IM Coordinator: Mikki Showers