IM Softball Rules

from NIRSA Co-Recreational Sports Rulebook
(may be revised before season)

RULE 1: The Game, Field, Players, and Equipment
Section 1. General Provisions
Article 1. A team shall consist of 9 players (3 females and 3 males).
Article 2. Defensive positioning shall include 1 male and 1 female in the outfield and two males and two females in the infield.
Section 2. The Field
Article 1. The official diamond shall have baselines of 65 feet. (19.8m).
Article 2. The official diamond shall have a distance of 46 feet (14.02m) between the pitching rubber and home plate.
Section 3. The Ball: Red stitch 12 inch restricted flight ASA approved ball shall be used.
RULE 2: Time Factors and Substitutions
Section 1. Length of game.
Article 1. A regulation game shall consist of seven innings.
Section 2. Substitutions
Article 1. Re-entry: Any of the starting players including the extra players may be withdrawn and re-entered once, provided the players occupy the same batting positions whenever in the lineup.

RULE 3: Base Running Regulations

Section 1. Sliding is legal.
Section 2. Courtesy runners are illegal.
RULE 4: Batting Regulations
Section 1. The batting order shalt alternate the sexes, as available.
Section 2. A foul ball that is not caught is considered a strike even on the third strike.

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