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PHYS 211: Sustainable Energy Practice and Prospects (India)

This course is the second part of a two term course sequence beginning with PHYS 210. We start with a two-week field trip in December to Auroville, on the Southeast coast of India near Chennai. Week one includes an introduction to local issues and meetings with local experts, site visits to installed systems, refining system designs submitted in fall term, and other preparation. Week two the sustainable energy system will be installed. On campus during winter term, we will meet once a week. Students will complete reports documenting the project and their learning experience for Auroville, and one of (i) case-studies and proposals for installation for future students and other locations,(ii) business plans/project design/application for junior fellowships, or (iii) educational materials for various possible audiences. There will be public presentations. Prerequisite: Physics 210 term before
6 credits; NE; Not offered 2020-2021