Administrative Offices

Academic Civic Engagement

Adrienne L. FalcónDirector of Academic Civic Engagement

Academic Support Center

Kathy J. Evertz, BA, MA, PhD–Director for Academic Support Center

Roberta A. GrothProgram Assistant, Academic Support Center

Acting in Community Together

Laura Riehle-Merrill, BA, MA–ACT Director

Kelly A. Scheuerman, BA–Assistant Director, Acting in the Community Together


Paul J. Thiboutot, BA, MA–VP and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Linda M. BoreneAssistant Dean of System Operations

Charles A. Cogan, BA, MA–Associate Dean and Director of International Recruitment

Virginia A. DeplazesAdmissions Application Specialist

Diane FredricksonAdministrative Assistant in Admissions

Kendra J. HannaLead Word Processing Operator & Lead Admissions Computer Liaison

Jennifer Hantho, BA–Senior Associate Dean of Admissions

Kathryn M. Hargis, BA, MA–Admissions Software/Database Specialist & Assistant to Director of Admissions

Katherine L. Jumbe, BA, MA–Assistant Dean of Admissions

Michele D. Kamen, BA–Campus Visits Coordinator in Admissions

Maureen D. Kerns, BS–Admissions Receptionist

Daniel G. Lugo, BA, JD–Associate Dean of Admissions

Linda MuellerAdministrative Assistant in Admissions

Rodney M. Oto, BA, EdM–Associate Dean of Admissions

Mary T. Steil, BA–Admin. Assistant, International Admissions & Admissions Receptionist

Brian D. Swann, BA–Coordinator of Outreach Programs and Assistant Dean

Stefani Y. Tran, BA–Administrative Assistant in Admissions for Multicultural Recruit. & Outreach Administrative Assistant

Carla E. Zelada, BA, MA–Assistant Dean of Admissions/Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment


Alumni Affairs

Rebecca Zrimsek, BA–Director of Alumni Affairs

Merilyn E. Calcutt, BS–Alumni Affairs Project Coordinator

Jeanne E. EstremAlumni Affairs Administrative Assistant

Amy C. Goerwitz, BA–Associate Director of Alumni Affairs

Ann Iijima, BA, JD–Associate Director of Alumni Affairs

Naja E. Shabazz, BA,–Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs

Patsy J. TrustyAlumni Affairs Administrative Assistant


Alumni Annual Fund Office

Christopher A. Clark, BA–Executive Director of Alumni Annual Fund and Parent Funds

Beth A. Dahle, BS–Sr. Associate Director of Alumni Annual Fund

Robert V. Herrick, BA–Associate Director of the Alumni Annual Fund

Tricia L. KasaAlumni Annual Fund Assistant

Stefanie A. Morrison, BA–Associate Director of the Alumni Annual Fund

Aaron D. Seifert, BA–Assistant Director Alumni Annual Fund

Jennifer A. WhitsonOffice Manager & Assistant to the Director of the Alumni Annual Fund


Alumni Guest House

Renee RezacCoordinator of Alumni Guest House


American Studies

Tamara S. LittleAdministrative Assistant to American Studies, Environmental and Technology Studies, Linguistics and Arc Programs


Arb Studies

Nancy C. Braker, BA, MS–Director of Cowling Arboretum

Matthew ElbertManager of Cowling Arboretum



Eric S. Hillemann, AB, MA, MALS–College Archivist


Art Gallery

Laurel E. Bradley, BA, MA, PhD–Director of Exhibitions & Curator of the College Art Collect

Wendy NordquistArt Gallery Assistant

James F. SmithArt Collection Registrar


Art and Art History

Heidi B. Eyestone, BA–Curator of the Visual Resources Collection, Art/Art History

Patricia J. GermannAdministrative Assistant in Art/Art History

Gerald A. Krause, BA–Technician in Studio Arts


Asian Languages & Literatures

Marian J. Sherwin, BS–Administrative Assistant in Asian Languages and Literatures



Randall Hagen, BA, MS–Animal Colony Supervisor and Greenhouse Coordinator

Carol L. HoranAdministrative Assistant in Biology

Alison L. Unger, BA, MS–Biology Stockroom Supervisor



David M. Schlosser, BS, BA–Director of Carleton Bookstore

Julie L. DaleyOffice Supplies Specialist/Bookkeeper, Bookstore

Brendon L. Etter, BA–Textbook Manager, Bookstore

Viola T. RyderTrade Book Manager, Bookstore

Carleen M. ThurnbladClothing and Gift Buyer, Bookstore


Business Office

Linda Thornton, BBA, MBA–Comptroller

Susan D. BensonStaff Accountant

Denise M. Dube, BA–Senior Accountant - Facilities

Debra J. FawcettStudent Accounts Specialist

Barbara R. Fowler, BS–Assistant Comptroller

Barbara HardenSenior Payroll Specialist

Randie F. Johnson, BS–Purchasing and Risk Manager

Candace L. KoenAdministrative Assistant

Kara L. Lloyd, BA–Staff Accountant - Purchasing

Shari L. Mayer, BS–Senior Accountant

Sandra J. PieriStudent Accounts Specialist

Melissa A. SmithAccounts Payable Specialist

Julie A. VossenPayroll Specialist


Campus Services

Julia H. Burmesch, BS–Director of Campus Services

Mary C. AmyInfo Desk Coordinator and Onecard Program Coordinator

Marilyn J. HollingerFleet Vehicle Services Manager & OneCard Program Coordinator

Noel S. PonderCampus Scheduling Coordinator & OneCard Program Coordinator


Career Center

Richard T. BermanDirector of the Career Center

Susan A. Bovbjerg, BS/BA, CMC–Projects Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Michael L. Hendel, BS, MS–Associate Director, Manager of Operations

Bradley A. Kmoch, BA, MS–Program Coordinator, Career Center

Jessica J. Mueller, BA, MALS–Assistant Director, External Communities

Brent K. Nystrom, BA, MA–Assoc. Director, Career Center & Manager, Mentor Relations

Debra J. Olien, BA, MS–Associate Director, Manager of Campus Outreach

Sarah B. RechtzigelAdministrative Assistant, Career Center


Chaplain's Office

Carolyn M. Fure-Slocum, BA, MDIV, MA–Chaplain

Shoshana S. Dworsky, BA–Associate Chaplain

Janis M. TruaxAdministrative Assistant to Chaplain



Julie R. Karg, BS–Chemistry Technician

Brian T. Mars, BA, MTh–Lab Manager in Chemistry, Instrument Specialist, Hazard Waste

Wendy ZimmermanAdministrative Assistant in Chemistry


Cinema and Media Studies

Marla Erickson, BS–Administrative Assistant in Cinema and Media Studies

Paul Hager, BA–Technical Director of Cinema and Media Studies


Classical Languages

Marian J. Sherwin, BS–Administrative Assistant in Classical Languages


College Relations

Joe A. Hargis, BS, MA–Associate Vice President for External Relations

Gayle K. McJunkin, BA, MDIV–Associate Vice President for External Relations

Kerry Raadt, BA–Director of Events

J P. StarkTechnical Coordinator for Events

Melissa J. ThomasSpecial Events Associate/Administrative Assistant for College Relations


Computer Science

Susan L. JandroAdministrative Assistant in Computer Science

Michael N. Tie, BS–Technical Director in Computer Science


Corporate/Foundation Relations

Mark J. Gleason, BA, MA, PhD–Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Nina P. Mangelsen, AA–Admin Asst to the Dir of Corporate & Foundation Relations

Diane A. Menning, BSN–Corporate and Foundation Relations Administrative Assistant

Christopher J. Tassava, BA, MA, PhD–Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations


Custodial Services

J. K. Campbell, BS–Director of Maintenance & Custodial Services

Karen L. LawsonCustodial Services Supervisor

Lynn F. NicholsCustodial Administrative Assistant

Patti L. SabrowskiCustodial Services Supervisor


Dean of Students Office

M. H. Wagner, BS, MS–VP for Student Development and Dean of Students

Tamara M. AndersonSenior Administrative Assistant to the Associate Deans

Joseph Baggot, BS, MA, PhD–Associate Dean of Students

Cathleen J. Carlson, BS, MEd–Associate Dean of Students

K.J. SpurgeonSenior Assistant to the Dean of Students

Julie A. Thornton, BA, MS–Associate Dean of Students

Julia C. Uleberg Swanson, BS, MS–Dacie Moses House Coordinator


Dean of the College Office

Beverly Y. Nagel, BA, MA, PhDDean of the College

Danette DeMann, AAS–Senior Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of College

Nathan D. Grawe, BA, MA, PhDAssociate Dean of the College

Charlene HamblinHeadley House Coordinator

Becky J. KroghAcademic Project Specialist

Brian T. Mars, BA, MTh–Chemical Hygiene Officer

Karen K. MoldenhauerSenior Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of College

Andrea L. Nixon, BA, MA, PhD–Director of Curricular and Research Support

Arjendu K. Pattanayak, BSc, ScM, PhDAssociate Dean of the College

Peggy L. Pfister, BA–Senior Assistant to the Dean of the College & Office Manager

Eva S. Posfay, AB, MA, MA, PhDAssociate Dean of the College

Steven G. Richardson, BA–Director of the Arts


Development Office

Mari T. Aylin, BA, MS–Director of 50th Reunion Programs

Patrick Ganey, BA–Development Officer

Christian M. Hakala, BA, MA–Development Officer

Stefanie M. Kelly, BS, MS–Development Officer

Mary A. Niebur50th Reunion Assistant

Daniel Rustad, BA, MA–Development Officer

Paula R. Schanilec, BS–Administrative Assistant, Major and Planned Giving

Susan M. StreeflandAdministrative Assistant to the Director of Development

Judith A. TabertPlanned Gift Administrator

Michael J. TomposDirector of Major and Planned Giving

Lynne M. Wilmot, BA, JD–Planned Giving Officer


Development Services

Julie K. Anderson, BA, MBA–Director of Development Services

Mark N. Egge, BS, MA–Director of Prospect Research

Denise M. Flicek, BS–Applications Support Specialist

Cynthia GrisimRecords System Administrator/Office Manager in Developmental Services

Terrence Hassanally, BA, MBA–Prospect Research Officer

Daniel J. Hinderaker, BA, JD (Law)–Prospect Research Analyst

Linda A. IrrthumAlumni/Development System Specialist

Julie K. KimberGift Accounting Assistant

Nancy L. Loesch, BS–Development Information Assistant

Anthony Pierre, BA–Applications Support Programmer

Shannon Schulz, BA–Director of Central Records

Pamela J. Sexton, AA–Gift Accounting Assistant

Carla J. Thomas, BA–Manager of Alumni/Development Information Systems



Debra G. Bjornard, BS–Administrative Assistant in Economics


Educational Studies

Krista G. Herbstrith, BA–Administrative Assistant in Educational Studies



Carolyn Soule, BA, MA–Administrative Assistant in English



Steven K. Spehn, BS–Director of Facilities and Capital Planning

Gloria HeinzFacilities Communications Specialist

John T. Mathews, BA–Project Manager/Owner's Representative

Gregory F. McCrackenFacilities Project & Safety Coordinator

Barbara M. TousignantFacilities Administrative Assistant


French and Francophone Studies

Mary TatgeAdministrative Assistant in French


Gender and Sexuality Center

Kaaren M. Williamsen, BA, MS, MA–Director of Gender & Sexuality Center & LGBT Advisor



Ellen T. HaberothAdministrative Assistant in Geology

Timothy D. Vick, BA, MAT–Technical Director in Geology


German and Russian

Mary TatgeAdministrative Assistant in German and Russian



Dennis Easley, BA–Superintendent of Grounds



Marilyn C. Lamberty, BA–Administrative Assistant in History and German Studies Review Assistant


Human Resources

Kerstin M. Cardenas, BA, MS–Director of Human Resources

Karyn L. Jeffrey, BS–Associate Director of Human Resources

Emily H. Luhman, BS, MA–Recruitment and Training Coordinator

Samantha K. Malecha, BA–Human Resource Analyst

Andrea M. ZunkelBenefits Coordinator


Information Technology Service

Joel P. Cooper, BA, MA–Director of Information Technology Services

Larry S. AzeltonWindows Systems Administrator

Rebecca Barkmeier, BA–Desktop Systems Administrator and Desktop Systems Administrator

Russell E. Bauer, BA, MIS/Business Administration–Computing Support Specialist

Matthew A. Bockol, BA–Web Technical Administrator

Carly J. Born, BA, MA–Academic Technologist

R. K. Chapman, BSc–Student Computing Coordinator

Michael T. Decker, BS–Hardware Asset Manager

Christopher J. Dlugosz, BA–Network Manager

David A. Flynn, BA–UNIX Systems Administrator

Douglas J. Foxgrover, BA–Communication & Training Coordinator/Curator, College Weather Data

Richard L. Goerwitz, BA, MA, PhD–Database Administrator and Integrator/Data Warehouse Architect

Richard C. Graves, BA–Senior Unix Administrator/Network Security Administrator

Mark F. Heiman, BA–Senior Web Application Developer

Leslie P. LaCroix, BA–Strategic Technologist and Team Lead

Paula Lackie, BA, MA–Academic Technologist

Julie M. Latham, BA, MAT–Enterprise Applications and Data Warehouse Administrator

Matthew E. Lauterbach, BS–Applications Support Programmer

Candyce LelmAdministrative Assistant for Information Technology Services

Tucker A. MacNeill, BFA, MFA–Academic Technologist and Media Lab Specialist

Karl E. Madsen, BS, MA–Applications Analyst

Chad W. Miller, BS–Systems and Project Manager, Team Lead

Sande Nissen, BA–Desktop Systems Administrator

Sara Oster, BS–Database Administrator

James R. Pence, BS–Hardware Repair Technician

James A. Pierret, BS, MAT–Presentation Technology Specialist

Austin Robinson-Coolidge, BA–Computing Support Specialist, Team Leader

Kendra L. Strode, BA–Computing Support Associate

Suzanne A. Traxler, BS–Associate Director of Information Technology Services

Neal L. Weeg, BA–Applications Support Programmer

Lewis Weinberg, BA–Media Technology Specialist and Team Lead

Tamara WellentinComputing Support Specialist


Institutional Research and Assessment

James C. Fergerson, BA, MA–Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Cherry L. Danielson, BA, MA, MA, PhD–Associate Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Kate M. Doria, BA–Research Associate

Jodine K. Friedow, BS–Associate Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Jacqulyn Marie R Lauer-Glebov, BS, MA–Assessment Consultant


Intercultural Life Office

Joy J. Kluttz, BS, MA–Director, Intercultural and International Life

Kristen AskelandAdministrative Assistant, Intercultural & International Life

Luyen Phan, BA–Associate Director, Intercultural and International Life

DeAngelo J. Washington, BS, MS–Assistant Director, Intercultural and International Life

Brisa B. Zubia, BA–Administrative Assistant, Intercultural & International Life



Samuel G. Demas, BA, MA, MLS–College Librarian

Matthew S. Bailey, BA, MA, MLS–Media Librarian and Reference & Instruction Librarian for Arts

Vicki L. Burgess, BS–Acquisitions Specialist

Katherine A. CooperInterlibrary Loan Specialist

Jennifer Edwins, BA–Assistant to the College Librarian & Loan Services Manager

Carol Eyler, AB, MLS–Head of Technical Services

Anita Grommesh, BS–Acquisitions Manager

Merry L. Hoekstra, BA–Administrative Assistant to the College Librarian

Iris M. Jastram, BA, MA,–Reference & Instruction Librarian for Languages and Literature

Christine R. Jensen, BA–Interlibrary Loan Specialist

Terese L. Kissner, BS–Collection Development & Preservation Specialist

Thomas A. Lamb, BA, MS, MS–Cataloging & Metadata Librarian

Danya E. Leebaw, BA, MS–Reference & Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences

Hsianghui Liu-Spencer, BA, MEd, MLS–Cataloging & Digital Services

Veronica OtteReserves Coordinator

Kristin L. Partlo, BA, MA–Reference & Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences & Data

Lois Perkins, BA–Circulation Specialist

Margaret R. Pezalla-Granlund, BA, MA–Curator of Library Art & Exhibitions

Charles F. Priore, BA, MLS–Reference & Instruction Librarian for Sciences

Carolyn Sanford, BA, MA–Head of Reference and Instruction

Kathleen SchwartzCataloging Specialist

Christina A. Sinkler-Miller, BA–Periodicals & E-Journals Librarian

Sandra SmithCirculation & Shelving Specialist

Kathy E. Tezla, BA, MA, MLS–Head of Collection Development

Carol R. Thunem, BMEd, MM–Periodicals Specialist

Heather TompkinsRef & Instr Librarian for Humanities & Govern. Publications

Kristi R. Wermager, BA, MA–Bibliographer & Curator of Special Collections

Nathaniel J. Wilson, BA, MA, MIS–Library Technology Coordinator

Ann Zawistoski, BA, MS–Reference & Instruction Librarian for Sciences


Mail Services

Tracy E. BarronMail Services Coordinator

Jackie M. McBeain, AA–Mail Services Assistant



Kathryn J. Beckers, AA–Maintenance Administrative Assistant


Math Skills Center

Russell J. Petricka, BA, MAT–Supervisor of the Math Skills Center



Susan L. JandroAdministrative Assistant in Mathematics

Michael N. Tie, BS–Technical Director in Mathematics


Media and Public Relations

Eric Sieger, BA, MA–Director of Media Relations and Public Relations

Jessica J. Paxton, BA–Media Relations Assistant


Middle Eastern Languages

Marian J. Sherwin, BS–Administrative Assistant in Middle Eastern Languages



Susan M. Beeby, BA, MLIS–Music Collections Curator

Hong G. DicePerformance Activities Coordinator in Music

Carole D. EngelAdministrative Assistant in Music


Nutting House

Laurie S. BrackeeNutting House Operations Manager


Off Campus Studies Office

Helena I. Kaufman, BA, MA, PhD–Director of Off-Campus Studies

Sean E. Green, BA–Administrative Assistant for Off-Campus Studies

Leslie A. Vanderwood, BA–Off-Campus Studies Program Coordinator

Naomi J. Ziegler, BA, MA, MS, PhD–Assistant Director of Off Campus Studies


Office of Student Fellowships

Elizabeth J. Ciner, BA, MA, PhD–Director of Student Fellowships


Perlman Learning/Teaching Center

Charlene HamblinAdministrative Assistant to Director, Perlman Center for Learning & Teaching



Sandra R. Saari, BS–Administrative Assistant in Philosophy


Physical Education, Athletics, Recreation

Laura Kay G. Allen, BA, MA, EdS, EdD–Building Supervisor, Recreation Center and Building Supervisor, Recreation Center

Rebecca J. CarelBuilding Supervisor, Recreation Center

Aaron J. Chaput, BA, MEd–Assistant Director, Recreation Center & Club Sports Director

Ross CurrierBuilding Supervisor, Recreation Center

Richard H. DouglassBuilding Supervisor, Recreation Center

Catherine L. Funke, BA, MA–Assistant Women's Cross Country & Track Coach

John GrayBuilding Supervisor, Recreation Center

Martin G. Hoffmann, BA, MA–Assistant Football Coach

Donald E. JankeBuilding Supervisor, Recreation Center

Linda K. Luedke, AA–Administrative Assistant in Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation

Karen S. Montgomery, BA–Building Supervisor, Recreation Center

Robert G. PagelAssistant Football Coach/Defensive Coordinator

Carlin Shoemaker, BA–Assistant Football Coach

Michele L. Showers, BS–Director of Recreational Sports & Manager Recreation Center


Physics and Astronomy

Thomas R. BaraniakElectronics & Laboratory Manager in Physics & Astronomy

Mary S. Drew, BA–Administrative Assistant in Physics and Astronomy and Science Initiative Administrative Assistant

Bruce S. Duffy, BS–Technical Assistant in Physics and Astronomy

Mark J. Zach, BSME–Instrument Project Manager


Political Science

Patricia K. Peterson, BS–Administrative Assistant in Political Science


Pre-Med Advising

Pamela Middleton, BA, PhD–Pre-Health Advisor


President's Office

Steven Poskanzer, AB, JD–President

Vickie L. DuscherReceptionist and Scheduler

Elise A. Eslinger, BA, MBA–Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff

Stephanie A. Huston, BS–Administrative Assistant and Travel Coordinator

Jane A. NelsonSecretary to the Board of Trustees & Assistant to President


Printing Services

Corwyn L. PuljuDuplicating Assistant

Loretta SpringerDuplicating Coordinator



Anne M. FossumAnimal Care Supervisor

Lorie L. Tuma, BA–Administrative Assistant in Psychology and Cognitive Science


Publications Office

Teresa Scalzo, BA–Director of Publications

Kristi K. Anderson, BA–Graphic Designer

Kayla M. Berger, BA–Production Assistant and Writer/Editor

Marla J. Holt, BA–Writer/Editor

Jonathon L. ReeseGraphic Designer


Registrar's Office

Roger A. Lasley, BA, MA–Registrar

Candace I. BraunAcademic Records Coordinator

Evelyn JohnsonRegistration Coordinator

Ann M. MayTranscript Coordinator & Senior Administrative Assistant to Registrar

Cindy PlashCertification Coordinator



Sandra R. Saari, BS–Administrative Assistant in Religion


Residential Life

Steve Wisener, BA, MEd–Director of Residential Life

Chloe Coenen, BA, MS–Hall Director Myers/Nourse

Vicky K. DeeringAdministrative Assistant/Data Specialist

Danica M. LanceHall Director, Cassat and Memorial

Carrie L. Morris, BA, MS–Hall Director Burton/Davis/Severance

Kari L. ScheurerAdministrative Assistant/Project Specialist

Amy L. Sillanpa, BS, MS–Associate Director of Residential Life

Melissa I. StaufferHall Director/Musser & West Side Houses

Isaiah J. Thomas, BA, MA–Hall Director Evans and Goodhue


Science Education Resource Center

Cathryn A. Manduca, BA, MS, PhD–Director, Science Education Resource Center

Monica Z. Bruckner, BA, MS–Web Content Developer & Evaluation Assistant

Sean Fox, BA, MS–Technical Director in SERC

Linda M. Goozen, BS–Administrative Assistant in Science Education Resource Center

Ellen IversonEvaluation Director

Karin B. KirkGeoscience Assistant

Jon A. LeeSERC Office Manager

John McDarisGeoscience Assistant

Carol J. OrmandGeoscience Assistant



Wayne Eisenhuth, BS–Director of Security Services

Randall R. AtchisonSecurity Shift Supervisor

Sharon M. BeckerSecurity Shift Supervisor

James BusheySecurity Shift Supervisor

Klay Christianson, BA–Security Shift Supervisor

Chad G. Drazkowski, AA–Security Officer

Steven R. Hanson, BS–Security Shift Supervisor

Ryan J. Holicky, AAS–Security Officer

Noel C. WilliamsSecurity Shift Supervisor


Sociology and Anthropology

Elizabeth O. Musicant, BA, MA–Administrative Assistant, Sociology and Anthropology



Mary TatgeAdministrative Assistant in Spanish


Sports Information

David S. Pape, BA–Sports Information Director


St. Olaf

Charles F. Priore, BA, MLS–Science Librarian



Marin K. Amundson-Graham, BA–Associate Director of Stewardship

Sarah J. Forster, BA, MA–Director of Stewardship

Christine Krejci, BS–Stewardship Coordinator


Student Activities

Lee F. Clark, AA, BS, MA,–Director of Student Activities

Gretchen K. FierkeCave Management

Michael K. Morris, BA–Cave Management

Justin R. PlankCave Management

Nadine D. SunderlandAssistant Director of Student Activities


Student Financial Services

Rodney M. Oto, BA, EdM–Director of Student Financial Services

Cynthia Diessner, BA–SFS Office Assistant/Loan Specialist

Dana L. EdwardsAssistant to the Director of Student Financial Services

Michael Kotchevar, BS–Senior Assistant Director of Student Financial Services

Revae K. Nelson, BA–Assistant Director of Student Financial Services

Kris O. Parker, BA–Assistant Director of Student Financial Services

Elizabeth J. Rowley, BS–Application & Processing Specialist/Administrative Assistant


Summer Academic Programs

Jeremy M. Updike, BS–Director of Summer Academic Programs

Charlene HamblinAdministrative Assistant to the Director of Summer Academic Programs


TRIO-SSS Program

Susannah J. Shmurak, BA, MA, PhD–Writing Assistant/Database Manager



Deborah T. LudwigTelecommunications Specialist

Mary Ann Wroblewski, AAA–Telecommunications Specialist


The Language Center

Cynthia L. Shearer, BA, MA–Director of the Language Center

Mary H. Nelson, BA–Assistant to the Director of the Language Center


Theater & Dance

Patricia J. GermannAdministrative Assistant, Theater and Dance

Mary Ann Kelling, BA, MFA–Costume Designer and Shop Supervisor

Allison M. Koster, BA, MFA–Assistant Technical Director/Lighting Designer


Vice President and Treasurer

Frederick Rogers, BA, MS–Vice President and Treasurer

Daniel R. Bergeson, BA–Director of Auxiliary Services & Special Projects

Megan M. Bosco, BS–Senior Investment Analyst

Andrew D. Christensen, BS, MBA–Investment Manager

Elizabeth J. HubbardAssistant to the Vice President and Treasurer

Patricia M. Langer, BS, MA–Budget Analyst

Jason B. Matz, BS, MBA–Director of Investments

Kelly M. RoehlAdministrative Assistant for Business and Finance

Varsha Seetharam, BA–Investment Operations Analyst


Vice President for External Relations

Gayle A. BauerAssistant to Vice President/External Relations & Office Manager


Voice Publications

Janice Senn, BS, MA–Managing Editor of the Voice


Web Services

Jaye E. Lawrence, BA–Director of Web Communications and Development

Douglas Bratland, BA–Web Writer

Matthew D. Ryan, BA–Associate Director of Web Communications Development

Nathan A. White, BA–Web Application Developer


Wellness Center

Marit Lysne, BA, MA, PsyD–Director of the Wellness Center

Andrew E. Christensen, BA, EdM–Coordinator of Disability Services

Anne M. FossumReceptionist Wellness Center

Jennifer L. Gildner, BS, MS, PhD–Counseling Psychologist

Denise M. Intihar-Lum, FNP, MSN, BSN–Family Nurse Practitioner

Natalee J. JohnsonAdvanced Practice Nurse/Coordinator of Medical Services

Anna M. Mellgren, RN, BSN, MS, CNP–Adult Nurse Practitioner

Sherryl D. RegenscheidAdministrativeAssistant/Student Insurance Specialist

Andrew C. Weis, BS, MS, PhD, LP–Clinical Psychologist


Women's and Gender Studies

Tamara S. LittleAdministrative Assistant in Women's and Gender Studies


Writing Program

Carol A. Rutz, BA, MA, PhD–Director of the College Writing Program

Elizabeth O. Musicant, BA, MA–Assistant to the Director of the College Writing Program

Gudrun A. Willett, BA, MA, PhD–Project Director, Writing Program