Comprehensive Fee: Students attending Carleton pay an all-inclusive fee, called a comprehensive fee, which is regarded as an annual charge rather than the sum of charges for each term covering tuition, room, board, and student activities. There are no special fees charged for laboratory work or field trips, or for diplomas upon graduation. All students are entitled to admission without charge to most athletic contests, concerts, plays, movies, lectures and other campus events. These activities as well as subscriptions to the student publications are covered by the Carleton Student Association (CSA) activity fee. For 2012-2013 the comprehensive fee totals $55,998 and it is allocated as follows:

Tuition ................................$44,184

Room ..................................$6,069

Board ..................................$5,484

CSA Activity Fee ..................$261

Special Fees: The department of music offers private lessons in applied music. The fees for 2012-2013 per term for individual instruction in all instruments, and use of practice facilities are: after the drop/add deadline, a term fee of $265 is billed to each student for weekly (normally 9) half-hour lessons (1 credit) per term, or $530 for weekly (normally 9) hour lessons (2 credits). Class Guitar and African Drum Class are $75 each. Junior and senior music majors receive up to 4 credits per term of lessons free of charge. Students on financial aid who experience difficulty in meeting the cost of private lessons may apply for financial assistance for such expenses directly to the Student Financial Services Office.

Many art classes and various other classes require consumable materials and supplies which are not included in the comprehensive fee; special fees may apply to these classes. Contact the Student Financial Services Office for financial assistance eligibility requirements.

Student health insurance is available at additional cost for those not covered by another plan. Note: proof of health insurance is required. For possible financial assistance to cover the cost of health insurance, contact the Student Financial Services Office for eligibility requirements.

Students residing in the Village Apartments are assessed a $25 per term laundry facilities fee for use of non-coin operated machines in these facilities. This fee will be reflected in the overall cost for room and board for students assigned to rooms in the Village Apartments.

For off-campus independent study, including summer reading not required for a fall term course, the fee for each two credits or fraction thereof is the tuition for one credit during the academic year in which the credit is granted. Credit by examination is charged on the same basis.

For students who apply to non-Carleton off-campus studies programs after the deadlines for each term, a non-refundable fee of $300 will be charged. Payment of the fee does not insure acceptance in a program and no refund will be made in case of non-acceptance. “To apply after the deadlines” means completed forms as required by the Off-Campus Studies Office (OCS) are received by the OCS office after their stated deadlines.

Enrollment Deposit: In addition to the comprehensive fee, all enrolling students are required to pay and maintain an enrollment deposit of $300, which functions as a confirming admissions deposit. $250 of this total becomes a continuing enrollment deposit for subsequent years and the remaining $50 of the deposit is used as a lifetime transcript fee, where students may request college transcripts from the Registrar without cost. The deposit ($250) will be returned upon graduation. Any unpaid student account obligation will be applied against this deposit at the time of graduation.

Calendar of Payments:

When filing for admission  (application fee, only applies to paper applications)     $30

When accepted       (enrollment deposit)    $300

August 15                                                    $18,666

December 15                                               $18,666

March 15                                                      $18,666

Total                                                             $55,998

Students are held responsible for payment of their college fees. Students will receive e-mail notifications, using the student’s Carleton e-mail address, when the term bills are available on-line.

A monthly payment plan is available through TuitionPay Plan, an outside vendor.

Penalties: Students’ accounts are regarded as delinquent and subject to penalty if payments are not made at the specified times, or if arrangements have not been made for later payment. The penalty for late payment of fees is $35.

A student will not be permitted to register for the following term until his or her account has been cleared by the Business Office. The student will be withdrawn from the College if the Business Office has a financial block on the student’s account for a prior term’s past due balance. The student will not be permitted to return to campus when classes start for the upcoming term. If otherwise eligible, the student may apply for readmission for the subsequent term.

In cases of postponed account settlement, for which special arrangements are made in the Business Office, a note must be signed covering the amount of the unpaid balance. An 8% per annum charge will be made on postponed accounts.

College policies on deposits and refunds apply to off-campus studies; in addition, a $500 penalty is assessed for late withdrawals before the start of the program. See the Off-Campus Studies Planning Guide: Approval and Departure for Off-Campus Study and the student’s letter of participation.

Refunds: Students will be eligible for a refund of tuition, room, board and student activity fees if they have paid for the upcoming term and then decide to withdraw or take a leave of absence and they notify the Dean of Students before the term starts.

If a student leaves during the first two weeks of the term, as defined by the academic calendar; a 25% tuition refund is available:

Term                     Last day available

Fall 2012              September 21, 2012

Winter 2013         January 16, 2013

Spring 2013          April 12, 2013

If a student leaves due to illness during the first half of the term, as defined by the academic calendar; a 50% tuition refund is available:

Term                     Last day available

Fall 2012              October 11, 2012

Winter 2013         February 6, 2013

Spring 2013          May 2, 2013

Room charges will not be refunded if a student leaves after the term starts.

Board charges will be refunded for the remaining weeks of the term.

Financial aid will be reduced according to federally mandated guidelines.

Applied music fees will be refunded, with charges deducted for lessons received, only if the student notifies the department of music within the first two weeks of the term.

In the event of a national emergency all charges will be refunded pro rata to students drafted or called as military reservists unless they have attended courses a sufficient length of time to earn academic credit.

If a student wishes to transfer to another institution he or she must settle their student account in the Business Office by making necessary payments or arrangements for extension before a transcript of credits will be issued.

No refunds will be made to students suspended or dismissed from the College.

A more restrictive refund policy governs withdrawal from Carleton off-campus programs. This policy is explained in the Off-Campus Studies Planning Guide for each program.