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ARTS 142: The Book as Art Object

With books we understand, in a contained object, specific qualities that an author conveys through composition, sequence, and information in an art form. Students will balance the cultivation of technical skills with exploration of personal vision in the creation and conceptualization of a series of books taking into consideration the diverse students’ disciplines. The class incorporates both digital and analog book technologies. We will analyze an array of publications from classical to contemporary artist book, the journal, the fanzine, the comic book, the pulp, and the pamphlet. We will pay special attention to the conceptual space of the book, sequencing and layout of images, production, materials and distribution of books. Topics include the discussion of the decline and resurgence of the physical book, the poetics of the books, the book as metaphor, the conceptual space of the book, and books as narrative and non-narrative sequences.
6 credits; ARP; Not offered 2021-2022