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BIOL 125: Genes, Evolution, and Development and Lab

Emphasizes the role of genetic information in biological systems. Under this theme, we cover subjects from the molecular to the population levels of organization. Topics include the nature of inheritance and life cycles, structure/function of DNA, gene expression and regulation, the changing genetic makeup of species as they evolve, and the development of individual organisms from zygotes.
6 credits; QRE, LS; Offered Winter 2022; S. Zweifel, M. McKone, A. Bosacker, S. Deel

BIOL 125: Genes, Evolution, and Development: A Problem Solving Approach and Lab

This offering of Biology 125 offers a problem solving approach and covers the same concepts as the winter version of Biology 125. The course format allows time in class to apply new concepts by working through case study type problems with faculty present. Students enter Carleton from a wide variety of academic experiences, and this offering of Biology 125 is designed to provide a level playing field for students regardless of previous science background. In addition, the active learning component of the course is beneficial for students who like to learn by doing. Students who complete this course are well-prepared to continue on to Biology 126.
6 credits; QRE, LS; Offered Fall 2021; J. Ross-Wolff, D. Walser-Kuntz, S. Deel, A. Bosacker