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CS 201: Data Structures

Think back to your favorite assignment from Introduction to Computer Science. Did you ever get the feeling that "there has to be a better/smarter way to do this problem"? The Data Structures course is all about how to store information intelligently and access it efficiently. How can Google take your query, compare it to billions of web pages, and return the answer in less than one second? How can one store information so as to balance the competing needs for fast data retrieval and fast data modification? To help us answer questions like these, we will analyze and implement stacks, queues, trees, linked lists, graphs, and hash tables. Students who have received credit for a course for which Computer Science 201 is a prerequisite are not eligible to enroll in Computer Science 201. Prerequisite: Computer Science 111 or instructor permission
6 credits; FSR, QRE; Offered Fall 2021, Winter 2022, Spring 2022; A. Vostinar, L. Oesper, A. Bauer, E. Alexander, A. Rafferty