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ENTS 288: Abrupt Climate Change

Abrupt climate change is very fast change, related to "tipping points" and thresholds, evident in current and historical climate records. Includes interpretation of historical climate data and measurement methods, evolving theories for abrupt change, the role of complex earth systems processes, and trends in global climate change today. The course will address our future through examining cases studies on past human civilizations and discussion of how to reduce our vulnerability to an unstable future climate. Includes a term-long project at the intersection of abrupt climate change and an issue of human concern. Prerequisite: One introductory course in Biology 125 or 126, or Chemistry 123 or 128 or any 100-level Geology, or Physics (two five-week courses or one ten week course from 131 through 165)
6 credits; NE; Not offered 2021-2022