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GWSS 325: Women's & Gender Studies in Europe Program: Continental Feminist, Queer, Trans* Theories

Addressing the impact of Anglo-American influences in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, this course examines European, including East-Central European, approaches to key gender and sexuality topics. It raises questions about the transfer of feminist concepts across cultures and languages. Some of the themes explored include nationalism and gender/sexuality, gendered dimensions of Western and East-Central European racisms, the historical influence of psychoanalysis on Continental feminist theories, the implications of European feminisms in the history of colonialism, the biopolitics of gender, homonationalism, as well as Eastern European socialist/communist theories of women’s emancipation. Prerequisite: Acceptance to WGST Europe OCS Program
7-8 credits; HI, IS; Offered Fall 2021; I. Jusová