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HIST 382: Slavery & Abolition in Africa and its Diaspora

What is slavery? What is its historical relationship to other forms of bondage, labor, or debt? This course explores the complex, evolving, and wide-ranging meanings of slavery in Africa and its diaspora. Students will juxtapose a number of case studies: early versus modern Islamic communities in Arabia, sixteenth- versus nineteenth-century Ottoman regimes, eighteenth-century Catholic Kongo versus nineteenth-century Anglican Nigeria, and Egypt under nineteenth-century Ottoman rule versus twentieth-century British rule. It draws from religious texts, nineteenth-century missionary documents, and twentieth-century manumission records. How does slavery become associated with Africa? The nineteenth century offers many clues. Prerequisite: Prior History or Africana Studies course
6 credits; HI, WR2, QRE, IS; Not offered 2021-2022