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MUSC 194: Chamber Music

Small group study and performance of instrumental and/or vocal chamber music from the western art music or non-western/folk repertory. Groups are usually formed by students prior to registration, and should consist of 3-8 musicians. Student groups are coached weekly by specialized music faculty, and participate in an end-of-term performance. Students must be registered, may not audit, and can register for only one group per term. Prerequisite: At least one term of applied music lessons at Carleton, or co-registration in applied music lessons, or permission of instructor
1 credit; S/CR/NC; ARP; Offered Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024; N. Melville, M. Hill, M. Jamsa, N. Moiseeva, H. Valdivia, G. Byers, M. Kreitzer, G. Hong