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POSC 100: American Elections of 2018

How can we understand the campaigns and results of the 2018 American elections? This course examines (1) the electoral role of parties, candidates and interest groups (2) prior "midterm" elections in U.S. history and (3) voting trends and policy results from recent U.S. elections. Students will analyze the activities and results from the 2018 elections looking at trends in news coverage, political advertising, campaigns and candidate communication and public opinion.
6 credits; WR1, AI; Offered Fall 2018; B. Allen

POSC 100: Society in Silico

Can models help us understand the social world? Vexing issues like segregation, economic inequality, corruption, market failure, resource over-exploitation, genocide, insurgency and terrorism have inspired scholars to ask if computational models of social systems can shed light on the hard-to-observe micro processes underlying macro problems. In this course we will explore the conceptual and empirical foundations of modeling especially in complex systems. We will read about, then experiment with, existing models while students learn to program their own using open-source software. 
6 credits; AI, WR1, QRE, IS; Offered Fall 2018; G. Marfleet