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SOAN 240: Methods of Social Research

When sociologists and anthropologists conduct their research, how do they know which method to choose? What assumptions guide their decision? What challenges might they encounter? And, even more importantly, what are their ethical obligations? In this course we will answer these questions through examining some popular sociological and anthropological research methods (e.g., interviews, surveys, and participant observation). Specific topics include: developing feasible research questions, selecting an appropriate research method, collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, and writing up research findings. By the end of the course, students will be better equipped to design and conduct a research study. Prerequisite: Sociology/Anthropology 110 or 111; Sociology/Anthropology 239, Mathematics 215 or Statistics 120 or 250
6 credits; SI, QRE, WR2; Offered Spring 2024; A. Nierobisz