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SPAN 227: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Early Modern Spain

Muslims and Jews lived in the country we now call "Spain" for nearly 1000 years before they were both expelled in 1492 and 1609. No other European nation has ever experienced this kind of cultural hybridity. This course examines the tense coexistence of all three cultures between the twelfth and the seventeenth centuries, as reflected in historical documents, civil law, literature, and art. Readings include: Hispano-Arabic women poets mocking the Koran, Sephardic literature, Hispano-Arabic gay poetry, letters from Queen Isabella defending “her” Jews, the expulsion of Jews as narrated by Jewish chroniclers of the time, Núñez de Muley’s Memorandum in defense of moriscos (Spanish Muslims), Father Agustín Salucio’s stunning plea for an amnesty that would stop the persecution of Spanish Jews, Cervantes, and others. If you thought Muslims were newcomers to Europe, think again—you are in for a ride. Prerequisite: Spanish 204 or above
6 credits; HI, IS; Not offered 2021-2022