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STAT 120: Introduction to Statistics

Introduction to statistics and data analysis. Practical aspects of statistics, including extensive use of the statistical software R, interpretation and communication of results, will be emphasized. Topics include: exploratory data analysis, correlation and linear regression, design of experiments, basic probability, the normal distribution, randomization approach to inference, sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, and two-way tables. Students who have taken Mathematics 211 are encouraged to consider the more advanced Mathematics 240/Statistics 250 Probability/Statistical Inference sequence. Prerequisite: Not open to students who have already received credit for Psychology 200/201, Sociology/Anthropology 239 or Statistics 250
6 credits; FSR, QRE; Offered Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024; D. Bastola, A. Poppick, C. Kelling, K. St. Clair, A. Loy