Frequently Asked Questions



How do I get a transcript?

We’ve got all of that detailed on our page Requesting a Transcript.  We can provide either paper or electronic transcripts.

How do I log onto The Hub?

You will need your username and password to log on. If you are having trouble logging on, contact the ITS Help Desk at 507-222-5999.  Alumni can reset their password.

How can I verify my enrollment?

You can download and print an enrollment verification form on The Hub. Choose the Proof of Enrollment link.

Can you verify my degree?

Your transcript will verify your degree, but if you’d rather not provide a transcript, since degree information is directory information, we can verify that you graduated from Carleton without a signature. Send us an e-mail ( requesting verification that you graduated from Carleton College and we'll take care of that for you.

Are you able to certify my diploma or help me get an apostille?

Yes, we can help with that.  Call us or contact us by email for more information.

Can I get a replacement diploma?

We'll need a request (in writing) for a replacement diploma. It must bear your signature and should also include where you would like us to send it once we have received it from our vendor. You will need to include $40 with your request and once we receive your request, it will take between six and eight weeks for you to receive your new diploma. You can mail your request to Registrar's Office.

How do I change my name on my academic record?

Students wishing to change their official name for their transcript and diploma must provide the Registrar's Office with documentation of the new legal name in the form of a court order. Upon receipt of this documentation, the registrar's office will change the student's name on the official academic record.  Students may also change their preferred name, just send us an email requesting that change.  The preferred name shows on class rosters and on the directory.


May I participate in commencement?

If you completed your degree requirements in the November or March prior to commencement, we encourage you to participate in the June commencement ceremony. If you have questions about your degree requirements, we’d be happy to look over your Progress Toward Degree report with you.  The Academic Regulations and Procedures has all the details at Graduation Requirements.

Can I graduate early?

Yes.  Students may petition to accelerate their graduation.  Students should work with their adviser and department chair to provide a plan for completion of their requirements in less than 12 terms using their "Progress Toward the Degree" report.  Students cannot petition to accelerate until they have declared their major and completed the Writing Portfolio requirement.  The Graduation Acceleration petition and your completed plan should be returned to the Registrar’s Office for approval. 


When do I register?

We’ve got all the details on our website under Registration.  Generally, registration is scheduled during the eighth and ninth week of the term.  You will need to meet with your adviser prior to your registration, so be sure to allow plenty of time to do that before your registration priority time.  You can find your registration time on the Hub under the Am I Registration Ready link. For registration dates, see the Academic Calendar.

What is Sophomore Priority?

"Sophomore Priority" means students will be allowed to register for a course in the following order: sophomores, first-year students, seniors, juniors. A senior or junior wanting to register for such a course should waitlist for the upperclass waitlist (WL) section only. He or she may then register for the course if space is available upon receipt of permission from the Registrar’s Office. A junior or senior who needs a particular sophomore priority course for graduation should talk with his or her adviser. A list of sophomore priority courses is available in Academic Regulations and Procedures.

How can I add or drop a class? When is the last day that I can do it?

You register in the prior term for the next term and you can add and drop classes (for most courses) until 11:59 p.m. the Sunday following the first day of classes.  See the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines. Don't wait for the deadline--take care of it so you get onto class lists!  Moodle is updated by your registration, so you’ll want to take care of changes sooner rather than later.  For courses with waitlists, you’ll need the instructor’s permission to add the course.  The instructor will need to notify the Registrar’s Office of their consent and then you will get an email with instructions on adding the course.  You’ll only have one day to add the course.  Further details on the drop/add process can be found here..

Can I register for classes with time conflicts?

No, the registration system will not allow you to register for two courses with time conflicts.  You will need permission from the instructor to do that.

When is the last day I can drop a class?

Courses can be late dropped up until 5:00 p.m. on the 7th Friday of the term for 10 week classes, the 3rd Friday for first five week courses, and the eighth Friday for second five week courses.  Drop cards are available in the Registrar’s Office and require the signatures of both the instructor and your adviser.  Courses dropped after the drop/add period will have a grade notation of DRP.

How do I Scrunch a course?

Students may declare up to six credits per term (and up to 30 in your time at Carleton) as elective S/Cr/NC by completing and submitting a S/Cr/NC form which is available at the Registrar’s Office.  The six credits per term does not include courses offered only on a S/Cr/NC basis.  The form requires both the student's and the instructor's signature and must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the seventh Friday of the term for ten-week courses, the third Friday of the term for first five-week courses, and the eighth Friday of the term for second five-week courses. More details can be found here.

Can I audit a class?

Carleton does not post audits to your transcript.  Any arrangement to audit a course is between you and the instructor.

Can I overload?

As a full-time student, you can take between 12 and 22 credits per term.  If you want to take more than 22 credits, you will need to petition the Academic Standing Committee for approval.  Petition forms are available on the Registrar’s website or at our office.

How do I register for a waitlisted section I have been given permission to add?

Once you have added yourself to the waitlist, you will need to seek permission to add the course from the instructor. The instructor will contact the Registrar’s Office directly to grant this permission. You will know that you have been given permission to add the course when you receive an email from the Registrar’s Office instructing you to log on to your Hub account and add the course.  You will have 24 hours until your permission expires, (if your permission expires, you will have to contact the instructor to re-grant the permission).  Log on to your Hub account and register for the course.

How can I register for a course that I don't have the prerequisites for?  

Contact the instructor of the course, they may be willing to allow you to register for the course. The instructor will notify the registrar's office that the requisite can be waived for you.



How is my GPA calculated?

The GPA is calculated by dividing total grade points by the number of graded credits attempted. Courses with S/Cr/NC and transfer work does not factor in.

What if I need an extension?

Students are expected to complete all course work by the end of a term. When this is not possible as a result of illness or circumstances beyond the student's control, he or she may request a grade of EX1 or EX3 . The College distinguishes between two types of Extensions--personal and academic. Request forms for personal Extensions are available from an Associate Dean of Students.  Requests for academic Extensions are available from the Associate Dean of the College.  Approved EX1 or EX3 must be requested by the last day of exams.

When is the last day that I can finish my EX1 or EX3?

The due date for completed work will be set at the time the extension is granted. For students granted an EX1, the work will be due one week after the extension is granted and the instructor's grade is due two weeks later. For students granted an EX3, the work will be three weeks after the extension is granted and the instructor's grade is due two weeks later.

How do I get my grades?

You can get your grades online via the Hub, using the link “Grades by Term,” after the grading deadline. 

What is a CI grade? Or an X grade? Or an L grade?

CI grades are only used for the Integrative Exercise.  Any time comps is not completed in one term the major department will give a CI grade, however, the department is not required to submit any comps grade until the Monday following the seventh Friday of spring term, so you may see a CI grade even if you have completed your comps.

An X grade is posted when an instructor has not submitted their grades.  It will be changed as soon as the grade is received from the instructor. 

An L grade is posted when you have successfully completed a lab science course.  The L is posted for the lab itself.

Carleton’s grading system is explained here.

My parents moved. How do I let you know my new home address and phone number?

You can change your address by sending an email to:

What is a "Directory Hold?" How do I get my information restricted? Or get the restriction removed?

Certain information (Directory information) is publicly available unless you request otherwise.  For instance, if someone (an insurer, an old friend, a current or potential employer, or anyone who might be curious) calls up and asks if Johan Smith is a student at Carleton, we can confirm or deny that and provide whatever information is available on the college directory, which might include your e-mail address and telephone number.  If you request a directory suppress, you will not show up on the online directory and we will not release any information regarding your status at Carleton.  We cannot answer questions about you if you’ve requested a directory suppress, unless it is for internal use.

Do you want a directory suppress or to have one removed? Contact the Dean of Student Office.

How do I declare a major or a minor?

During your sixth term at Carleton you will be asked to declare a major on the Hub.  Your registration for your seventh term will be held if you have not declared by that time. If you are interested in a minor you can add one up until the second week of your tenth term. You will need to complete a Minor form to declare the Minor. These forms will require the signature of the Minor Coordinator and your adviser and need to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

What is a minor?

All students at Carleton must complete an academic major. In addition, students may elect to complete a minor as part of their academic program. A minor represents either an integrated disciplinary or an interdisciplinary program of study that may strengthen and complement a major, but a student pursuing any major can potentially pursue a minor in a different discipline. Disciplinary minors recognize the students acquisition of in-depth knowledge of a single discipline; interdisciplinary minors recognize the completion of a program of study that links and integrates multiple academic disciplines. Minors are also intended to promote communities of learning and may offer opportunities to relate academic studies to issues that students confront outside of Carleton. A list of current minors can be found here.

Can I taken an exam and get evaluated for my Foreign Language Requirement or can I meet the requirement by transferring credits?

Information for new students about language placement at Carleton can be found on the New Students website. Current students interested in taking the placement exam should contact the respective language department. Current students interested in a possible language exemption should contact the Associate Dean of the College.

Can I get credit for AP & IB?

Yes, the full policies are detailed in the Academic Catalog under Prior Credit Policies.

Can I get credit for college-level work done while I was still in high school?

It’s possible. You should have the Official Transcript from that institution sent directly to the Registrar’s Office for evaluation. You can transfer a maximum of 36 credits of prematriculation work to Carleton. 

For further information:

Academic Regulations and Procedures has details on all of Carleton’s academic policies.

The Academic Catalog will provide course descriptions, major requirement information, concentration requirements, prior credit policies, and much more!