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ARCN 250.00 Digital Archaeology 3 credits

Open: Size: 25, Registered: 11, Waitlist: 0

Goodsell 03


Requirements Met:

Synonym: 49482

Sarah E Craft

The practice of archaeology in the twenty-first century is an inevitably digital undertaking: from the way we record data, process finds, map distributions, analyze patterns, and even publish our interpretations, it all passes through a ‘digital filter.’ This hands-on course will explore the different approaches that digital archaeologies take--from 3D imaging of objects and structures, spatial analysis in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing initiatives in contested or inaccessible landscapes, to modeling in Virtual Reality (VR) environments--while also reading about and discussing the implications and challenges of digital approaches and technologies for the theory and practice of archaeology. 

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CLAS 127.00 Ancient Technology 6 credits

Open: Size: 30, Registered: 24, Waitlist: 0

CMC 209

Synonym: 49421

Sarah E Craft

Technology--humanity's efforts to manipulate its physical environment--stands as a central concern of the modern world. This course examines the technology of the ancient world and investigates its integral relationship to other facets of human activity. Theories of technological change will be explored initially in order to develop a socially-informed understanding of technology. In the second part, students will investigate specific ancient technologies using archaeological and textual evidence and present their findings to the class. The goal of this course is to understand technology as a social phenomenon in both the ancient and modern worlds.

GEOL 115.52 Climate Change in Geology & Lab 6 credits

Closed: Size: 18, Registered: 18, Waitlist: 0

Music & Drama Center LL06

Synonym: 49700

Dan Maxbauer

This course is designed to introduce the study of paleoclimatology broadly, and is based on investigating local deposits that span a broad range of geologic time. We will perform research projects on topics of local interest, which may include: analyzing fossils in 450 million year old rock, scrutinizing reported Cretaceous dinosaur gizzard-stones, researching post-Ice Age climate change using cave or lake deposits, and using dendrochronology (tree rings) and seismic surveys to study disruption of the prairie-big woods landscape by European settlers. Participants should be prepared for outdoor laboratories and one Saturday field trip.

Prerequisite: Not open to students who have taken another Geology 100-level course.

Sophomore Priority

Waitlist for Juniors and Seniors: GEOL 115.WL2 (Synonym 49876)

GEOL 245.53 “When the Earth Shook…” Earthquakes in Human History & Lab 3 credits

Closed: Size: 25, Registered: 20, Waitlist: 0

Music & Drama Center LL35

Synonym: 49346

Mary E Savina, William L North

Earthquakes are complex and fascinating geological events, and they have profound effects on human societies. In this course, we will explore the changing understanding of earthquakes and their geological mechanisms from antiquity to the present, as well as the ways in which societies respond to and prepare for life in seismically active zones of the world. Case studies will form an important element of the course. There is a required lab, and students will also be expected to spend two additional hours per week in a structured research setting.

Prerequisite: 100 level Geology course or prior History course

2nd five weeks, Extra Time Required

SOAN 110.00 Introduction to Anthropology 6 credits

Closed: Size: 30, Registered: 31, Waitlist: 0

Weitz Center 235

Synonym: 49236

Constanza Ocampo-Raeder

An introduction to cultural and social anthropology which develops the theoretical rationale of the discipline through the integration of ethnographic accounts with an analysis of major trends in historical and contemporary thought. Examples of analytical problems selected for discussion include the concepts of society and culture, value systems, linguistics, economic, social, political and religious institutions, as well as ethnographic method and the ethical position of anthropology.

Sophomore Priority.

Waitlist for Juniors and Seniors: SOAN 110.WL0 (Synonym 49237)

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