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ARTH 100.01 Renaissance, Revolution, and Reformation: The Life and Art of Albrecht Dürer 6 credits

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Boliou 140


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Synonym: 53043

Jessica F Keating

"If man devotes himself to art, much evil is avoided..." This statement, on the divine nature of art, was penned by the German artist Albrecht Dürer. Dürer's artworks--his paintings, his drawings, his woodblock prints, and his engravings--have been construed to be some of the most theologically sophisticated, naturalistically rendered, theoretically informed, classically inflected, and socially engaged of the period we now refer to as the "Renaissance." This thematically organized course will engage the work of Albrecht Dürer, around these issues. Discussions will be integrated with student presentations, analyses of primary and scholarly texts, and writing assignments.

Held for new first year students

ARTH 100.02 Laughing Matters: The History of Political Caricature 6 credits

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Boliou 140

Synonym: 54470

Baird E Jarman

For over two centuries political caricature has permeated the popular culture of democratic societies. This course surveys that history, covering topics including revolutionary printmaking, editorial cartooning, political censorship, mock journalism, and anti-cartoon terrorism. We will explore pictorial protests against war, corruption, bigotry, and injustice, as well as graphic ridicule heaped upon political figures ranging from King Louis-Philippe to Boss Tweed to President Trump. But how effective is political caricature? Does it sway minds or merely reinforce extant opinions? When, if ever, does it become objectionable or libelous? Can comically exaggerated or distorted imagery actually reveal subtle insights or hidden truths?

Held for new first year students

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