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ARTS 140.00 The Digital Landscape 6 credits

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Boliou 130


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Synonym: 54534

Linda K Rossi

Study nature aesthetics and examine your assumptions about the landscape photograph. Question the formal, moral and biological implications of your "framed view-point," as you move your lens across the prairies, woods and farmer's fields of Northfield. Reflect on the ways in which nature has been visually represented in the classroom, creating a three-way intersection between art, science and technology. In particular, what are the effects of two-dimensional representation on our estrangement from nature itself? Demonstrations, readings, discussions and field trips will help the student create a final portfolio of digital prints and text. Digital cameras are provided.

Sophomore Priority. Class fees apply.

Waitlist for Juniors and Seniors: ARTS 140.WL0 (Synonym 54535)

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