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THEA 100.00 What Stories Teach Us 6 credits

Closed: Size: 15, Registered: 15, Waitlist: 0

Weitz Center 231

Synonym: 60260

David E Wiles

The stories we encounter from sources as diverse as theater, television, film, literature, the internet and the news, may lead us to believe things about the lives we lead and the world we live in that may or may not be "true." This course will examine some of the stories we encounter, look at ways that popular culture oversimplifies or falsifies them and look at ways that theater and literature question and complicate them. The course will focus in particular on plays, films, TV shows, news and short fiction that deal with race, gender, gender identity, class, sexuality and criminal justice. 

Held for new first year students

THEA 110.00 Beginning Acting 6 credits

Closed: Size: 16, Registered: 16, Waitlist: 0

Weitz Center 172


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Synonym: 61819

David E Wiles

Introduces students to fundamental acting skills, including preliminary physical training, improvisational techniques, and basic scene work. The course includes analysis of plays as bases for performance, with a strong emphasis on characterization.

Sophomore Priority

Waitlist for Juniors and Seniors: THEA 110.WL0 (Synonym 61820)

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