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EDUC 100.00 Will This Be on the Test? Standardized Testing and American Education 6 credits

Open: Size: 16, Registered: 15, Waitlist: 0

Willis 114

Synonym: 61418

Jeff Snyder

How and why have standardized tests become so central to our educational system? This seminar will explore the following topics, among others--the invention of standardized tests and the growth of the testing industry; psychometrics (the science of mental measurement); and the controversies surrounding the use of standardized tests, including charges that they are culturally biased and do not positively contribute to student learning. Our analyses will be informed by a close examination of authentic testing materials, ranging from intelligence tests to the SAT.

Held for new first year students

EDUC 250.00 Fixing Schools: Politics and Policy in American Education 6 credits

Closed: Size: 25, Registered: 24, Waitlist: 0

Willis 114

Synonym: 62406

Jeff Snyder

How can we fix American public schools? What is "broken" about our schools? How should they be repaired? And who should lead the fix? This course will examine the two leading contemporary educational reform movements: accountability and school choice. With an emphasis on the nature of the teaching profession and the work of foundations, this course will analyze the policy agendas of different reform groups, exploring the dynamic interactions among the many different stakeholders responsible for shaping American education.

POSC 122.00 Politics in America: Liberty and Equality 6 credits

Richard Keiser

An introduction to American government and politics. Focus on the Congress, Presidency, political parties and interest groups, the courts and the Constitution. Particular attention will be given to the public policy debates that divide liberals and conservatives and how these divisions are rooted in American political culture.

Not Writing Rich

POSC 218.00 Schools, Scholarship and Policy in the United States 6 credits

Richard Keiser

What can scholarship tell us about educational strategies to reduce achievement gaps and economic opportunity? Do the policies promoted at the city, state and federal levels reflect that knowledge? How are these policies made? What is the relationship between schools and the economic class, racial composition and housing stock of their neighborhoods?

Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing

Not open to first year students.

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