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CLAS 385.00 Islands in Time: Insular Life, Culture, and History in the Mediterranean World 6 credits

Open: Size: 15, Registered: 8, Waitlist: 0

Leighton 303


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Synonym: 61288

Alex R Knodell

The Mediterranean is a world of islands, par excellence. This is particularly true of the classical world, when island polities, sanctuaries, and destinations played crucial roles in several aspects of social life and cultural production. This seminar examines what’s special about islands and why and how they came to be places of such significance in the ancient Mediterranean. We will begin with some consideration of our sources and theories of insularity, then move into thematic and conceptual discussions of island biogeography and efflorescence; islands in myth and as political and religious spaces; and islands as strategic territories and connective nodes. Topics in the second part of the class will to a large extent be driven by student interests.

Prerequisite: At least two previous Classics courses or instructor consent

LATN 236.00 Plautus and Roman Comedy 6 credits

Open: Size: 25, Registered: 5, Waitlist: 0

CMC 319


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Synonym: 61366

Jordan R Rogers

Mistaken identities, forbidden trysts, and a healthy dose of punny humor characterize many of the comedic plays of the Roman playwright Plautus. In this class, we will read the entirety of one of Plautus’ plays, Mostellaria (“The Haunted House”) in Latin, while reading selections from several other plays in English. Along the way, we will stop to consider the influence of Greek comedies on Plautus’, the importance of comedic performance to Roman society, the settings and venues of these performances, and the social status of comedic performers, all to come to a fuller understanding of Plautus’ language and plays.

Prerequisite: Latin 204 or equivalent

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