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BIOL 360.00 Seminar: Climate Change Beneath the Waves 6 credits

Closed: Size: 0, Registered: 16, Waitlist: 0

Olin 106


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Synonym: 61298

Gail D Schwieterman

Marine climate change comprises rising temperatures, increases in the frequency and severity of hypoxia, and ocean acidification. Together, these environmental variables can have profound effects on marine life. Or not. This course will focus upon the physiological capacities of various marine species to respond to changes in the ocean's chemical and physical properties. Through discussions of the primary literature, we will explore the physiological mechanisms that will mark species as winners or losers of the anthropocene.   

Prerequisite: Biology 125 and 126 and one additional 200 or 300 level Biology course or instructor consent

Waitlist only, Instructor Permission Required

CGSC 396.00 Directed Research in Cognitive Studies 3 credits

Open: Size: 15, Registered: 4, Waitlist: 0

Olin 106


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Synonym: 61762

Kathleen M Galotti

Senior majors in cognitive studies will work with the instructor to develop a thesis proposal for their comps project.

Prerequisite: Cognitive Science 130, Cognitive Science/Psychology 232/233 and Psychology 200/201 or Instructor Consent

PHYS 355.00 Topics in Advanced Classical Mechanics 6 credits

Open: Size: 24, Registered: 13, Waitlist: 0

Olin 106


Requirements Met:

Synonym: 61875

Jay D Tasson

Lagrangian and Hamiltonian methods including central force motion, coupled harmonic oscillators, and the study of continuous systems. Additional subjects may include fluid dynamics, classical field theory or other specialized topics.

Prerequisite: Physics 231

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