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EDUC 100.00 Will This Be on the Test? Standardized Testing and American Education 6 credits

Open: Size: 16, Registered: 15, Waitlist: 0

Willis 114

Synonym: 61418

Jeff A Snyder

How and why have standardized tests become so central to our educational system? This seminar will explore the following topics, among others--the invention of standardized tests and the growth of the testing industry; psychometrics (the science of mental measurement); and the controversies surrounding the use of standardized tests, including charges that they are culturally biased and do not positively contribute to student learning. Our analyses will be informed by a close examination of authentic testing materials, ranging from intelligence tests to the SAT.

Held for new first year students

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Your search for courses for 21/FA and EDUC and course number 100 found 1 course.

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CCST 100.00 Growing up Cross-Culturally 6 credits

Closed: Size: 16, Registered: 16, Waitlist: 0

Anderson Hall 323

Synonym: 61417

Stephanie M Cox

First-year students interested in this program should enroll in this seminar. The course is recommended but not required for the minor and it will count as one of the electives. From cradle to grave, cultural assumptions shape our own sense of who we are. This course is designed to enable American and international students to compare how their own and other societies view birth, infancy, adolescence, marriage, adulthood, and old age. Using children's books, child-rearing manuals, movies, and ethnographies, we will explore some of the assumptions in different parts of the globe about what it means to "grow up."

Held for new first year students

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