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THEA 100.00 The Power of Story 6 credits

Open: Size: 15, Registered: 12, Waitlist: 0

Weitz Center 231

Synonym: 63967

Andrew I Carlson

From ancient myths to Pixar films, from conversations with doctors to Superbowl commercials, we understand and shape our world through story. This course teaches students the principles of dramatic storytelling through theatrical improvisation and critical analysis of plays and films that deal with the themes of power and resistance. The course is both analytical and creative. You will learn how artists structure dramatic stories to impact society while writing and performing your own stories for the class.  

Held for new first year students

THEA 190.00 Carleton Players Production 1 credit, S/CR/NC only

Closed: Size: 0, Registered: 2, Waitlist: 0

Requirements Met:

Synonym: 65185

Andrew I Carlson

Each term students may participate in one Players production, a hands-on, faculty-supervised process of conceptualization, construction, rehearsal, and performance. Credit is awarded for a predetermined minimum of time on the production, to be arranged with faculty. Productions explore our theatre heritage from Greek drama to new works. Students may participate through audition or through volunteering for production work.

Instructor Permission Required

THEA 199.00 Theater Practicum 3 credits, S/CR/NC only

Closed: Size: 0, Registered: 8, Waitlist: 0

Requirements Met:

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Synonym: 65186

Andrew I Carlson

This course is designed for students who have major responsibilities in Carleton Players productions as Stage Managers, Actors and Designers. Students enrolled in this class will have more responsibility and be expected to commit to more time than the students registered in Theater 190, including additional time for research, design and role preparation. Students in this course will get in-depth learning experiences in the processes most central to the discipline; the creation of performances. Students will waitlist for the course; enrollment in the course will be by instructor's permission depending on the responsibilities students have.

Prerequisite: Waitlist only, instructors permission required

Waitlist only

THEA 225.00 Theater History and Theory 6 credits

Open: Size: 25, Registered: 10, Waitlist: 0

Weitz Center 231

Synonym: 65188

Andrew I Carlson

Throughout history, theatrical performance has been both a reflection of cultural values and a platform for envisioning social change. In this course, students will examine many of the traditions that inform contemporary understandings of theatre, including Greek tragedy, commedia dell’arte, Japanese Noh, Sanskrit drama, Realism, Brechtian theatre, and the Theatre of the Oppressed. Students will also study the history of theatre in the United States by examining blackface minstrel performance, African American drama, and the role of theatre in the social movements of the twentieth century. Class sessions will combine lecture, discussion, embodied exercises, and performance of historical texts.

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