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ARBC 101.00 Elementary Arabic 6 credits

Open: Size: 20, Registered: 14, Waitlist: 0

Language & Dining Center 205

Synonym: 64045

Zaki Haidar

This is the first course in the Elementary Arabic sequence. This sequence introduces non-Arabic speakers to the sounds, script, and basic grammar of Arabic-the language of 200 million speakers in the Arab world and the liturgical language of over a billion Muslims. Students will develop basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Modern Standard Arabic. Classes will incorporate readings and audio-visual material from contemporary Arabic media, as well as popular music.

JAPN 344.00 Japan Trends: Lifestyle, Society, and Culture 6 credits

Open: Size: 25, Registered: 7, Waitlist: 0

Language & Dining Center 205

Synonym: 64490

Chie Tokuyama

In this advanced Japanese language course, we will explore a wide range of concepts, social media buzzwords, and cultural phenomena that constitute the fabric of everyday life in Japan today. From “geeks” and “idols” dominating the cultural scene to the “working poor” and “hikikomori,” who represent the precarity Japan faces in the contexts of economic, political and psychological crisis, the course delves into the aspects of key phenomena surrounding contemporary Japanese society. You will develop skills to read, analyze, summarize, and critique various texts written in Japanese, including newspaper articles, scholarly essays, literary texts, and films, while becoming familiar with historical contexts in which these keywords emerged and are used.

Prerequisite: Japanese 206 or equivalent

LATN 101.00 Elementary Latin 6 credits

Open: Size: 30, Registered: 12, Waitlist: 0

Language & Dining Center 205

Synonym: 64561

Victoria Austen

While many claims are made about the benefits of learning Latin, here’s what we know for sure: it’s a beautiful language, both intensely precise and rigorous, as well as poetically expressive and inviting. Spoken by millions in the ancient world and kept continuously “alive” up to the present, Latin provides a window onto an intellectual and cultural landscape that is both foreign and familiar to modern students. This beginning course will develop necessary vocabulary, forms, and grammar that allows students to begin reading short passages of unadulterated prose and poetry from the ancient Roman world right from the start.

RUSS 204.00 Intermediate Russian 6 credits

Open: Size: 20, Registered: 10, Waitlist: 0

Language & Dining Center 205

Synonym: 65055

Victoria Thorstensson

Continued four-skill development using texts and resources from a variety of sources. Emphasis on communicative skills.

Prerequisite: Russian 103 or equivalent

SPAN 101.01 Elementary Spanish 6 credits

Closed: Size: 16, Registered: 15, Waitlist: 0

Language & Dining Center 345 / Language & Dining Center 205

Synonym: 64954

Ariel Arjona Hernandez

This course introduces the basic structures of the Spanish language, everyday vocabulary and cultural situations. Students practice all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in Spanish. Taught five days a week in Spanish. Prerequisite: none (Placement score for students with previous experience in Spanish).

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