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PHYS 143.57 Physical Systems: Mechanics and Relativity and Lab 6 credits

Open: Size: 24, Registered: 11, Waitlist: 0

Anderson Hall 036 / Anderson Hall 021

Synonym: 61898

Marty Baylor

This course begins with an introduction to classical mechanics using the Newtonian worldview. The kinematics and dynamics of some simple systems are investigated using Newton's laws, vector analysis, and the conservation laws of momentum and energy. The course moves beyond the Newtonian framework to address topics including special relativity and also selected applications to atomic, nuclear, and particle physics. Comfort with algebra and the integration and differentiation of elementary functions is assumed. Weekly laboratory work.

Prerequisite: Previous completion or concurrent registration in Mathematics 120 or 121. Not open to students who have completed Physics 131, 144, 145 or 151 at Carleton.

Combined content of PHYS 131 and PHYS 151

PHYS 235.52 Electricity and Magnetism and Lab 6 credits

Closed: Size: 12, Registered: 13, Waitlist: 0

Anderson Hall 036 / Anderson Hall 027

Synonym: 61902

Helen K Minsky, Marty Baylor

Electric and magnetic fields in free space, and their interactions with charges and currents. Topics include DC and AC circuits, Maxwell's equations, and electromagnetic waves. Weekly laboratory work.

Prerequisite: Physics 165, 226, 228 or Physics 231; Mathematics 210 or Mathematics 211; or instructor permission

PHYS 400.06 Integrative Exercise 3-6 credits, S/CR/NC only

Open: Size: 4, Registered: 0, Waitlist: 0

Location To Be Announced

Synonym: 61913

Marty Baylor

An extensive study of a specific topic in physics, culminating in a 60-minute presentation during winter or spring term and a 7500 word paper. Students may arrange to complete the bulk of their work during winter or spring term (Physics 400, 6 credits), or divide their effort between terms (Physics 400, winter, 3 credits; Physics 400, spring, 3 credits).

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