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PE 124.00 Fitness for the Athlete credits, S/CR/NC only

Open: Size: 20, Registered: 12, Waitlist: 0

Recreation Center 116


Requirements Met:

Synonym: 60661

Jessica J Mueller

For the off-season or pre-season competitor (IM, club, or varsity). The winter term course will focus on those who want to stay in shape and hone their flexibility, balance, strength and an aerobic threshold. This is a challenging course that will teach techniques and strategies to work out on your own as well as motivate you to improve or work weaker areas. Incorporating training on the track, free weights, bosu, plyometrics and much more.

PE 332.00 Foundations of Sport Psychology and Performance Mentality 6 credits

Closed: Size: 15, Registered: 34, Waitlist: 0

Leighton 304

Synonym: 63000

Jessica J Mueller

Research shows that the most successful athletes are those who are able to think consciously and engage differently than others before, during, and after competition. Like any other life skill, thinking differently and embracing active mindfulness takes training, a willingness to learn, and dedicated hard work. This course is designed to help students and athletes think differently about various aspects of training and competition, ultimately using these skills as they apply to sport, functioning in team environments, and most importantly to the other areas of their lives outside of athletics during and beyond their time at Carleton.

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