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PHIL 123.00 Topics in Medical Ethics 6 credits

Closed: Size: 30, Registered: 30, Waitlist: 0

CMC 301

Synonym: 60405

Daniel M Groll

This course examines a variety of topics in medical ethics. We begin with a unit on pandemic ethics: Who should get ventilators when there aren't enough for everyone? Do medical providers have a duty to treat during a pandemic? We then turn to the question "When is someone dead?" and consider how different answers to that question affect arguments over organ procurement. Our third unit is on the place of race, and racial judgments, in medicine. Is there a place for racial judgments in medicine? Finally, we turn to the question of how to think about decision making in a clinical context: what values are at play? And how should we think about disagreements between clinicians and patients? What about disagreements between patient's past wishes and their current wishes? Not open to students who have taken Philosophy 222.

Sophomore Priority, not open to students what have taken Philosophy 222.

Waitlist for Juniors and Seniors: PHIL 123.WL0 (Synonym 60406)

PHIL 289.00 Death, Dinner, and Discussion 3 credits, S/CR/NC only

Closed: Size: 15, Registered: 16, Waitlist: 0

Leighton 301

Synonym: 62202

Daniel M Groll, Bonnie C Nadzam

We're all going to die. We all know that. But we seem to spend a lot of our lives avoiding thinking and talking about it. This course aims to remedy that. We will meet weekly to talk about death and, more specifically, the choices we think we might want to make about how we will die and how we want to live at the end of our lives. Students in the class will be asked to think seriously and share their thoughts about these issues. Students will read some popular books that invite people to think about the end of their lives, hold a Death Over Dinner discussion as a class (with the professor), and hold (and write about) a Death Over Dinner discussion with some of their peers outside of class. Be ready to talk and to listen! We'll provide the Kleenex. 

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