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MATH 120.00 Calculus 2 6 credits

Closed: Size: 30, Registered: 27, Waitlist: 0

CMC 206

Synonym: 61635

Steve T Scheirer

Inverse functions, integration by parts, improper integrals, modeling with differential equations, vectors, calculus of functions of two independent variables including directional derivatives and double integrals, Lagrange multipliers.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 101, 111, score of 4 or 5 on Calculus AB Exam or placement via a Carleton placement exam. Not open to students who have received credit for Mathematics 211 or have a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam

MATH 210.01 Calculus 3 6 credits

Closed: Size: 30, Registered: 29, Waitlist: 0

CMC 206

Synonym: 61636

Alex J Barrios

Vectors, curves, calculus of functions of three independent variables, including directional derivatives and triple integrals, cylindrical and spherical coordinates, line integrals, Green's theorem, sequences and series, power series, Taylor series.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 120. This course cannot be substituted for Mathematics 211

MATH 244.00 Geometries 6 credits

Open: Size: 25, Registered: 18, Waitlist: 0

CMC 206

Synonym: 62565

MurphyKate Montee

Euclidean geometry from an advanced perspective; projective, hyperbolic, inversive, and/or other geometries. Recommended for prospective secondary school teachers.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 236

MATH 295.00 Mathematics of Climate 6 credits

Closed: Size: 25, Registered: 25, Waitlist: 0

CMC 206


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Synonym: 61271

Kate J Meyer

An introduction to mathematical methods for studying planetary climate. The focus will be on low-dimensional models, whose simplicity allows insight into fundamental mechanisms of climate change. We will use tools from algebra, geometry, and calculus to study topics including energy balance, greenhouse gas forcing, and ice-albedo feedback. This course will count towards the Applied Math area of the math major.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 120 or 211

Sophomore Priority

Waitlist for Juniors and Seniors: MATH 295.WL0 (Synonym 61657)

MATH 361.00 Complex Analysis 6 credits

Open: Size: 20, Registered: 16, Waitlist: 0

CMC 206

Synonym: 61648

Owen D Biesel

The theoretical foundations for the calculus of functions of a complex variable.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 321 or instructor permission. Students who have already received credit for Mathematics 261 may only take this course with instructor permission

STAT 250.00 Introduction to Statistical Inference 6 credits

Open: Size: 28, Registered: 21, Waitlist: 0

CMC 206

Synonym: 61553

Laura M Chihara

(Formerly Mathematics 275) Introduction to modern mathematical statistics. The mathematics underlying fundamental statistical concepts will be covered as well as applications of these ideas to real-life data. Topics include: resampling methods (permutation tests, bootstrap intervals), classical methods (parametric hypothesis tests and confidence intervals), parameter estimation, goodness-of-fit tests, regression, and Bayesian methods. The statistical package R will be used to analyze data sets.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 240 Probability (formerly Mathematics 265)

Formerly Mathematics 275

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