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ARBC 387.00 The One Thousand and One Nights 6 credits

Open: Size: 15, Registered: 10, Waitlist: 0

Weitz Center 231

Synonym: 62291

Yaron Klein

This course is an exploration of the world of the Thousand and One Nights, the most renowned Arabic literary work of all time. The marvelous tales spun by Shahrazad have captured and excited the imagination of readers and listeners--both Arab and non-Arab--for centuries. In class, we will read in Arabic, selections from the Nights, and engage some of the scholarly debates surrounding this timeless work. We will discuss the question of its origin in folklore and popular culture and the mystery of its "authorship," as well as the winding tale of its reception, adaptation and translation. Readings and class discussions will be in both Arabic and English.

Prerequisite: Arabic 206 or equivalent

ENGL 160.00 Creative Writing 6 credits

Closed: Size: 15, Registered: 15, Waitlist: 0

Weitz Center 231


Requirements Met:

Synonym: 62226

Gregory G Hewett

You will work in several genres and forms, among them: traditional and experimental poetry, prose fiction, and creative nonfiction. In your writing you will explore the relationship between the self, the imagination, the word, and the world. In this practitioner’s guide to the creative writing process, we will examine writings from past and current authors, and your writings will be critiqued in a workshop setting and revised throughout the term. 

Sophomore Priority

Waitlist for Juniors and Seniors: ENGL 160.WL0 (Synonym 62550)

MUSC 241.00 Music of Latin America 6 credits

Open: Size: 25, Registered: 14, Waitlist: 0

Weitz Center 231

Synonym: 61413

Sarah N Lahasky

This course is designed to increase your awareness of musical styles in Latin America within particular social, economic, and political contexts. We will cover topics related to popular, folkloric, classical, and indigenous musics spanning from Mexico to South America's Southern Cone. The course will include elements of performance and dance instruction in addition to a critical examination of lived experiences across the region. No previous musical experience is necessary.

MUSC 313.00 Video Game Music: History, Interpretation, Practice 6 credits

Closed: Size: 15, Registered: 15, Waitlist: 0

Weitz Center 231

Synonym: 61412

Brooke H McCorkle

Over the decades, video game music has evolved from simple beeps and boops into a genre that has garnered millions of fans worldwide. This course traces the history of video game music aesthetics and technology. We will consider how it relates to a variety of musical traditions and engages with broader social issues. We will learn to listen for loops, styles, structures, and function in games via direct engagement with primary sources: the games themselves. The course culminates in the practical application of knowledge via a creative project. 

Prerequisite: Music 110 and/or Music 204

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