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LCST 250.00 Songs and Stories: Music and/as Language 6 credits

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Synonym: 63894

Scott D Carpenter, Ronald Rodman

Can music tell a story? Can a novel be symphonic? Drawing principally on the French tradition, this course will investigate these “simple” questions, exploring the relationship between language and music. Starting with basic concepts of syntax and narration, we will trace the intertwining of these two modes of expression in works from the eighteenth through the twenty-first centuries. The class will then explore the relationship of language in musical genres such as the chanson, advertising jingles, pop, and  hip hop, in works by Debussy, Satie, d’Indy, Messiaen, MC Solaar, and others. Readings include such authors as Poe, Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Ernaux, and more. Some knowledge of French and/or musical notation is helpful. Students taking the course for French credit will do some work in French, and must also sign up for French 211, a two-credit trailer course.

For French credit take 2 credit trailer course FREN 211F

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