Information on Self Scheduled Exams

At this time the college does not intend to offer self-scheduled exams for fall term 2020.

So you wanted to know more about self-scheduled examinations?

Read on. If you have other questions, contact the Registrar’s Office.

What is a self-scheduled final exam? 

  • Each course that has a non-take home final examination has been assigned an exam slot during finals week.  See the Registrar’s web site for a list of final exam slots.  However, some faculty have also designated their final examinations as either optional or mandatory self-schedulable.  If a final examination is self-schedulable, this means that a student may decide to take the final exam during any of the ten final exam slots. 

How do I sign up for a self-scheduled final exam?

  • If the instructor is offering the course as an optional self-scheduled exam, during the last week of classes, inform your instructor that you intend to self-schedule your final in his/her course. Your instructor will notify the Registrar of your intent by providing that office with an individually labeled examination envelope containing your examination.
  • If the instructor is only offering the exam as a self-scheduled exam, you do not need to sign up, the instructor will provide the Registrar’s Office with your examination.

Where do I go to take a self-scheduled final exam?

  • Report to the Music and Drama Center Concert Hall Lobby at least 15 minutes prior to the time slot during which you wish to take your self-scheduled exam.  See the Exam Schedule for a list of final exam slots.
  • There will be limited space available for self-scheduled final exams.  Exam seats will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.

Then what? 

  • Present your picture ID (required) at the exam distribution table to receive your examination envelope.
  • You will be directed to your examination room. You may bring no materials with you to your seat, except pencils or pens and your examination envelope. You may also bring a calculator to a calculator-aided exam.
  • The room supervisor will tell you when you may open your examination envelope to begin testing. No envelope may be opened prior to this announcement.
  • The room supervisor will tell you when the exam period is over. You must stop writing when so directed and follow the supervisor’s directions for turning in your completed examination.  Exams will not be accepted from students under any other conditions.  If the room is crowded, you might not be allowed to leave the room prior to the end of the exam period; proctors will inform you of any such restriction at the beginning of the exam.

What if I change my mind?   

  • Once you have picked up your examination envelope from the distribution site, you will not be allowed to back out of taking your examination.
  • Any time prior to picking up your examination envelope, you may opt to take the regularly scheduled exam unless the instructor is only offering the exam as a self-scheduled exam (and provided it has not already been given). Simply report to your regularly scheduled exam room at the appropriate time. Do not pick up your examination at the distribution site.

What about academic honesty?

  • To avoid even the appearance of academic dishonesty, don’t talk about exams at all until after the last exam is over! For example if someone asks you, “How was the test?” the only appropriate answer is “I can’t talk about the exam, sorry!”