Majors and Minors

Declaration of Major

Early in the sixth term of enrollment, but not before that term, students must declare an academic area as their major field or they will not be allowed to register for the seventh term. Major declaration is completed on-line via the HUB.  Students wishing to change their major during the junior or senior year can do so by obtaining the approval of the chair of the new department and completing the form available in the Registrar's Office. Students who are planning a special major are advised to petition the Academic Standing Committee (ASC) during winter term or early spring term of their sophomore year.

Declaration of Minor

A minor represents either an integrated disciplinary or an interdisciplinary program of study. Disciplinary minors recognize the student’s acquisition of in-depth knowledge of a single discipline; interdisciplinary minors recognize the completion of a program of study that links and integrates multiple academic disciplines.

A minor is an optional element of a student’s academic program and is not required for graduation. Minors will therefore not be considered grounds for a thirteenth term or exceptions to academic regulations nor may a minor be completed out of residency.

A student can declare a minor at any time between the second week of their 6th term and the second week of their 10th term at Carleton.  Normally a student may not fulfill more than half the credits for a minor from the courses counted toward their major or majors and may not major and minor in the same discipline. For a course to count towards a minor, a grade of C- or better must be earned; these courses cannot be taken on an elective S/Cr/NC basis. Departments or programs may make exceptions if appropriate.


How to use these forms

The links on this page are to PDF files (and their digital version, if available).

For the PDF forms, you'll fill out the form on the screen, and then print them out and deliver them to the specified office. Some forms require obtaining various signatures first. If you want to keep a copy for yourself, print two or save the file after you have filled it out. You can also just print the forms and fill them out by hand, but that's not so tidy.

For the Online versions, simply enter your information and submit. The process will be paperless and routed to the appropriate parties from there.